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Today's Todo's
17th August 2020  
1. More Kakuro
2. More Browsercade


The icon layout looks awful, and when I mentioned that on Twitter, almost everyone suggested submenus or folders, which lead me down the path of "Rooms of arcade machines", and then to the point where I was considering an entire Point'n'Click style thing for just a menu system.
I am NOT doing that!!

So, I slept on it, and let my head calm down the idea into something a bit more manageable.

Instead of having you move around the little world, and to keep the menu swift and menu-like, I've opted to have it so that you navigate with maybe a pointer or standard highlights, or something.
Then, as you navigate the menu, the little Blockman character sprite will wander around to catch up to where you're clicking/selecting.
That way, you get the little animated character, but you're not controlling a slower character. You're still flicking through a menu.

That's what's currently in my head.. I think that'll work. .. Maybe!


Yesterday I spent an alarming amount of time trying to get this to work.

This will *hopefully* be useful when it coms to redoing the Kakuro methodology.
Having a quick list of "least similar" will be handy when building up the combinations required for a good Kakuro puzzle.
.. I think.
Now to combine that into the generator, and see what comes out the other side!

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