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Yesterday's Progress
18th August 2020  
One thing went well. The other, not so much.


The Foldapuz Kakuro rejigging is slowly getting to a decent point.
Facebook commenter Graham Keith is getting less grumpy about my horrific version of the puzzle.
In his latest posts, he's opted to post a youtube clip of him playing the puzzle, viewable here, and a couple of his major issues are the fact that doubles are still showing up on the same row/column, as well as the fact that, sometimes, it's near impossible to find a starting point.

I think I'm starting to narrow down the intricacies of the game.
.. maybe!


By the time I got around to doing any Browsercade work, yesterday, that odd stomach cramp that I woke up to had decided to get awfully grumbly, in an upward direction.
Must've been something I ate.

Suffice to say, not a lot of progress was made.
The new menu currently looks like this.

So.. yeah.. Need to get that done, then!

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