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20th August 2020  
I failed to write the SoCoder newsletter, last night.


Goodness knows I like a good waffle, but there've been barely any posts to the forum all week, and trying to write it up, keep it lively, but also make it look like there'd been anything decent posted, was all a bit of a chore.

I tried my best, but for the majority of an hour, I found myself constantly deleting whinge after whine after grumble.
It wasn't a very good newsletter, and I didn't want to post it the way it was.

In the end, I opted to scrap it, and take a week off.

I'm having a lot of time off, this month, and it's not ALL the fault of No Man's Sky..!!


Got another update to Kakuro done. Now it's trying its best to generate a starting point, as well as checking for doubles in columns and the like.
There's still more work to do, but it's definitely getting a little bit closer to the goal, with each iteration.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

This week's SmileBASIC game is coming together slowly but surely.
A randomly generated set of blocks that alternate every few seconds, and you need to leap your way across the level.
It's kinda like Flappadiddle, in many ways, but also feels quite different, so I think that's ok.. Right?!!

Hopefully today I can get it all finished off and uploaded.
I need to add a generic collectable, and probably some arrow/darts to try to kill the player, too.
Not a lot of time to do that, though!

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New games every week!
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