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Slow Menu Progress
22nd August 2020  
As with all menu work, this new Browsercade menu is slow going..


Barely started, if I'm honest.
I've at least got a simple change-swoop thing going on, between main and sub-menus.
Next I need to draw some kind of something to act as doors. .. I'll probably just draw doors!

I also need to create small lists of genres for all the games, that don't end up too big. Something traditional like "Platformer" probably won't suffice, since half the games instantly fit into that category, and we'll end up right back at the original issue of having too many games to scroll through.


The Kakuro testing took a hit, yesterday, as the example puzzles ended up being less logical, not more. The resulting puzzles just weren't any good at all.
A step in the wrong direction.
Hopefully today I can figure out why that happened, and get it working a little better.


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