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Menu B
24th August 2020  
The basics of the new menu system are now functional, but there's still a long way until everything's done.


The current functionality is all about choosing a game, so is in fact "Menu B".
But I can hackily jump between different game rooms, each with different sets of cabinets.
Menu A should hopefully be mostly a reuse of Menu B, but with the functionality of a bunch of doors, instead of arcade cabinets, so I'm trying to get B as functional as I can before what will no doubt be a giant copy+paste, to make A.

As for what it currently looks like..?

All that work, and it's damn near identical.
Was it all worth it?
Now the menu is much more reconfigurable, and with the game list being in a nice set of numerical arrays, it means I should also have the ability to add a "Recently played" room, too.
I think.
... Maybe!

We'll see.

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