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Bad Day...
25th August 2020  
You know when you have one of those days...


It started when the Foldapuz Kakuro generator was creating puzzles filled with 0's! There shouldn't be 0's in a Kakuro puzzle. And there definitely shouldn't be 80% of the puzzle being all 0's.

Over the course of the day, one thing after another failed in ways that I really couldn't have predicted.

The new Browsercade menu system started looping around itself, drawing hundreds of Arcade Cabinets over and over on the screen, until the browser had a complete freak out.

On Sunday it became evident that SoCoder's sign-up page was broken because of the addition of the Emoji..! Of all the things to break!!!
I fixed that up, but now I'm hesitant to add any more lest it freak out again.
Meanwhile, I'm sitting trying to draw various Game controllers, and ... Man, that N64 controller!! Trying to draw a 48x48 pixelart version was NOT an easy task.

By about 9pm, I'd given up even trying to do anything productive, and instead simply sat playing No Man's Sky all night.
It really wasn't a very productive day.

Today, I need to make a start on a SmileBASIC game, and I'm hoping it doesn't fail as badly as everything yesterday.

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