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26th August 2020  
Plenty of good progress, yesterday.


The new Browsercade menu is now mostly functional on both "Doors" and "Rooms" level, with a couple of kinks here and there needed, most notably that the doors are still using the game cabinet sprites instead of doors! But they do at least work, and the rooms have different cabinets in them.
The "Last games played" room doesn't work yet. I'm not sure on the best place to store that information, but functionally it shouldn't be too hard to integrate.
In addition, there's no way to currently access the options menu. I definitely need to figure out where to put that.

Oh yeah, and a back-button for mouse/touch navigation, too..


Progress is being made on the Kakuro puzzles. Although Facebook-Graham is still unhappy with the majority of puzzles, I can tell from the puzzle debug stats that things are indeed gradually getting to a better point.
.. I think!

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Got a tank working in SmileBASIC yesterday. For a little while, the tank used "Tank Controls", where the left stick controls the speed of the left track, and the right stick controls the speed of the right track.
It kinda worked, but the fact that the two thumbsticks are misaligned, horizontally, made it really odd to control.

Instead, it's now set to Left Thumbstick for speed, Right Thumbstick to turn.
That feels much better.

Now to figure out what sort of game can go along with it.. Expect explodings!!

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