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Oh, Thursday...
27th August 2020  
Spent most of yesterday working on the Tank thing.. Not really sure if it's any good.


Today I'll be trying to spruce it up, but currently it's "One tank, many spawning enemies, shoot shoot shoot" and that.. Well, it kinda works, but it's actually really bloomin easy. Other than "OMG ! 10,010,100,010,000 enemies at once!" tactics, I'm not sure how to make it any harder.

As for Thursday, the ALChoon went up yesterday, and the SoCoder newsletter's ready to go.
I'll do that, then get back to finishing off the Tank game.

Once that's done, I'm free to be lazy and leisurely for the rest of my month off! Aaand, relax.

.. OMG, how is it nearly September!!!!??!?!?!

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