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Slow Morning
28th August 2020  
It's 1:30pm, and I'm still doing my morning post!?


To be fair, I was awake until about 6am, so.. yeah..
I'm tempted to have an all-day, 24 hour code-a-thon session, and try to wrap around my night time schedule, to get to a decent night's sleep.
Haven't done that for a while.
Not sure what I might code, but considering it's almost September and I've still got a few August Fixings to do, I'm sure there's plenty to find.

Rule of the day : No more than 2 hours of No Man's Sky.
Or 4.
But definitely no more than 8.



These "doors" don't look like doors. In fact, they look quite like the same slabs that make up the cabinets.
That's largely because that's exactly what they are, but I'm finding it really difficult to decide the best way to make them look unlike slabs.
Maybe just a door handle would help?

Need to be a bit more artsy, today, I reckon..

(Ignore the fact that the icons are all wrong. I also need to draw some new icons for them, too!)

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