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30th August 2020  
The new Browsercade menu is now available.


Given the amount of time it's taken, it's hardly made a difference at all!
But it is entirely new, and hopefully should be functional for quite a while.

There's still a couple of tweaks I need to do, though.
In typical "I can't do menus well" fashion, the scrolling is bouncy on the right hand side. Why can't my menus ever scroll properly!?!
It's like that "diagonal collisions" bug I always seem to code in my games.

Meanwhile, for some odd reason, the left-most door isn't click/tappable, and only works with buttons.
I'm fairly sure that'll be an easy fix, though.

But that bouncy menu thing.

You can Play with the new menu at
Let me know what you think, and feel free to make suggestions for games that might be in the wrong room, or even if you want a different set of rooms, specific layouts, or whatever. The entire section is (more or less) easily tweakable, as long as there's only ever two menus!!


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