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Forcing It
31st August 2020  
Forcing AGameAWeek doesn't work..


After having redone the Browsercade menu system, it's rather disappointing that there's only one single game in the Puzzle room.
Yesterday I vowed to fix that..

The plan.
JNKPlat, but the sections of the level drop down in a tetris-style falling block mechanic...
Except my head took a strong dislike to the idea for one single reason.

There'd have to be a full, slow, 3x5 block set of drops, (lets guess about a minute of play) to build up the level, before the platform section, which would then last around about 30 seconds or so..

In my head, that feels very very disjointed.


1. Getting Platdude running about in the maze as you're building it up.
That would require automating Platdude, which I'm quite rubbish at doing, and you'd never get the fun of playing as Platdude.

2. Making the block dropping automated. This could possibly work, but at this point I might as well just make a new JNKPlat Slots game and have done with it.

The three versions bubbled away in my head for a few hours, yesterday. Back and forth. What works. What doesn't.
I think I've settled on wanting to do a JNKPlat Slots, but then that's not a Puzzle game, and that put me right back to square one.

What sort of Puzzle game would work in the Browsercade, but also wouldn't be better in the Shoebox, with Mouse/Touch controls...?

And that's roughly as far as I got, yesterday.
Everything jumbled together, and nothing got very far at all.

I hate days like that.

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