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2nd September 2020  
A lovely swirly background effect..


.. was rejected.
I mean, it's a nice effect, but the result looked a lot like that classic Helicopter game. The one where you "Hold to lift, release to fall", and the helicopter flies through a giant cavern with you dodging things.

True, it's a nice game, but unlike SpikeDislike, I've struggled to find a nice way to make the scoring work well.
Instead, it's a "1 point per frame" thing, and ... that's a bit dull, isn't it!?

Additionally, I didn't bother to code any collision into the lovely scrolling background, mostly because I originally wasn't planning on colliding with it!
Bah, all a big horrible wasted mess.


But the idea of a sidescrolling flying thing stuck with me, and I think I've vaguely got a bit of a plan in mind.
Today I'll be trying to draw a nice game with a floating butterfly, landing on flowers for points whilst trying to keep ahead of the scrolling.
.. or something.
Not sure.
I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!

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