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Hello Tiredness
4th September 2020  
12am, posted daily Foldapuz selection to Twitter and Facebook.


1am, still awake, decided to listen to some music.
3am, figured I might as well play some No Man's Sky, since I'm still awake.
6:30am, oh dear..

It's now 9:30. I've had about an hour's nap, and woken up wide awake again.
Today's probably going to be a disaster, as far as energy's concerned.


The "Make a puzzle game!" thing is still nagging away, and I keep thinking about doing a Gearworks clone in Shoebox.

It should probably work out OK, especially with the way I got it working in SmileBASIC recently. Infinite undos, but a much smaller finite selection of cogs.

One slight issue I have is that there's no secondary button.
I mean, there IS if you're playing with a mouse. But when you're on a touchscreen, you're a bit more limited.
I might have to *gasp* "Long-Press To Remove".

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New games every week!
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