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SoCoder Day
5th September 2020  
Today I should probably spend some time drawing some more SoCoder emojis. (Is emoji plural?)


Today's SoCoder's 12th anniversary. Crikey!

.. *checks*

Today's SoCoder's 14th anniversary. .. Oh, boy, that went quick..
Yep, today I'll be focusing on Emoji, and maybe a new theme? Not sure I'm in an artsy enough mood to do a new theme.


Got this much working. The cogs are drawn, and spin in an "it'll do, it looks good enough" style.
Next I need to code the connectivity. Currently the test above is hard-coded, and none of the cogs are interacting.
That and some sort of drag'n'drop functionality, and things should be working well enough to add on a generator tomorrow.

Yep, it'll all fall into place easily, and nothing could possibly go wrong!

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