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Catching Up, Already!
8th September 2020  
Need to record myself trying to solve today's Foldapuz puzzle.


The worst part of these puzzles is trying to solve them, in one go.
I try not to pre-solve the puzzles for the videos. Sometimes I make a right mess, and have to undo things.. Other times I make a right mess, don't notice, and the video goes up with a giant error in it.
Either way, it's usually realtime, and usually as interesting as seeing a ghost-controlled scribble appear on a screen, as could be.


Today's plan..
Record Video : Render video : Upload video : Post Blog : Post Game

Pretty much the same as yesterday, then!
But then it's time to make a start on a new SmileBASIC game for the week.
Wonder what that'll be!?

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New games every week!
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