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A Plan.. Sort of..
9th September 2020  
Didn't get around to starting a SmileBASIC game, yesterday.


I spent most of my morning/afternoon code session looking into ways to display my web server's log files.
Apache log files are standard, but the display methods are erratic, and usually locked away behind closed doors.
After looking through several rather rubbish solutions, I did what I always do, and decided to try coding my own.

It's taken a good number of hours, so far, to get the absolute barebones of the functionality up and running, and still there's nothing being displayed.
It's currently scanning through the log files, grabbing the data, and figuring out a way to store it all that doesn't involve my system's memory exploding!!

A long way to go..


Last night I grabbed the Switch, and started by doing what I usually do.. Going through the giant list of games and updating the Likes/Downloads stats.
As I reached the 68th game in the plain text/BBCode post, I figured "There has to be a marginally easier way to do this!"

I transferred all the data into a Google Spreadsheet, and got it to output a neatly formatted set of BBCode that I can then copy+paste into the post.
It's more or less exactly the same, except now that I have the numbers and stats in a Spreadsheet, I can automate a few things.
I'll likely be adding a Top-Ten, maybe separating the games into genres, and things like that.

For now, there's a new little "totals" stat at the bottom.

How quaint!
Took smegging hours, and it looks exactly the same. Much like the time I recently spent reworking the Browsercade menu.

And so...

For this week's Browsercade game, I'm currently thinking something along the lines of Samurai Plat. The concept of not being able to go down ladders, only being able to drop down holes, but still needing to navigate the maze.
But, maybe a different overall style?
Not sure.
We'll see!!

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