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Arrgh! Cache!!
15th September 2020  
Right, I'm just going to say "Game Ready!" and worry about my cache later... (today!)


If the game looks like this, please do let me know.
It's working on everything else that I have to test it on, but on my iPad, it's seemingly refusing to update the main spritesheet.
The oddest thing is that it HAS bothered to download the new icon set, for the main menu, along with the new music. It just isn't bothering to download the spritesheet.
What's that about!?!


Right, I'll do all the doings. Screenshots, youtube, etc, then post the main blog post, then set about seeing if I can figure out what's going on with my iPad.

I'm "pretty" sure it's an iOS Beta issue, but is it a "correct" issue like the sound problem was?!
Time to start digging through the horrendous world of Cache Files again.

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