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OK, Time to Upload
22nd September 2020  
This week's game should now be playable in the Browsercade.. Mostly.


My iPad isn't updating .. something.
Either it's the mod file that isn't updating, or it's the script that tells it which part of the mod file it should be playing, that isn't updating.
Otherwise everything else looks like it works ok.

Really odd behaviour from my iPad.
Everything other browser/device seems to have worked properly, but as with all things, mileage may vary.

Any complaints, let me know.

Next up, capture the video, upload the video, write the blog and game pages, draw a new Cover Art (since the game looks quite different, even if it plays mostly the same) and then I can rest!
.. By which I mean, I have to make a start on Thursday's SmileBASIC game!!

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New games every week!
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