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Browsercade - Traxicle
22nd September 2020  
v0.34 - Added the shoot-em-up, Traxicle

Shoot away the evil spikes (Dislike!) and collect the coins, as you fly through the colourful tunnel.

You can Play the game in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.


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What I Didn't Do

Making the lines thicker has inadvertently allowed the objects to occasionally hide behind the lines. This makes things a teensy bit harder than they should be, but other than making everything slightly transparent, there wasn't much of a way to get around that.

.. I did TRY making the lines transparent. But due to the way they're drawn, they overlapped at the corners of the octagons, leading to highlighted points, and things looked rather rubbish as a result.

Thinner lines worked better in the SmileBASIC version, but I couldn't get the browser drawing a full screen of hundreds of lines every frame.
A difficult thing to balance properly..

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Browsercade , Shoot-em-up
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