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Maths Complications
29th September 2020  
Spent most of yesterday working out ratios.


The HERO in Browsercade game requires a lot of scaling for various resolutions.
For the most part, I've opted to simply fade out the "screen" at the top and bottom, which helps immensely, but isn't something I typically like to do.

I did try drawing the rooms above/below, but due to the way the levels are built up, that led to some ... oddities..

Instead, I fell back on the fade-out method, and .. That'll do. It's close enough!

The next complication is scaling those values so that the game "feels" the same no matter the resolution.
Typically I use floats for everything, but have opted to use real screen co-ordinates for this one. .. But I don't think I'll do that, 'cos it's all getting muddled up.

Right then.. Work to do.

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