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Powering Up
30th September 2020  
I did a significant rewrite of the HERO level generator in SmileBASIC, yesterday.


HOPEFULLY this means that all the levels are now beatable.
I've also planned out ways to add more elements, but haven't yet implemented those.
A task for another day.

Meanwhile, I added in .. um.. Moths?!.. and Spiders.
To be honest, they're not really new, they're just different sprites for the different movement patterns that were already in there.

In addition, I've remove unlimited shooty laser eye!! The original hero had a limited TNT collection, and an unlimited laser.
For this game, I can't 100% guarantee you've got enough TNT to complete a level, so have instead given the player unlimited TNT.
The unlimited laser, then, seems a bit overpowered.
As such, I've added a "not too evil" overheating functionality to the laser.
Now you can't simply run around shooting everything all the time, and need to pace your laser usage.

It's a little more balanced.
.. And slightly evil.

The newer version of the game is now available in SmileBASIC. Same code : 4NKANNJEF, or use SmileBASIC's "Update Project" thing to download the update.


Today's going to be stupid-busy.

I need to write most of the SoCoder Newsletter, write an ALChoon, and since I spent yesterday working on last week's SmileBASIC game, I also have to write THIS week's SmileBASIC game, too.

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