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5th October 2020  
Everything's ready, except for one thing..


I made sure the Music was ready for the game a couple of days ago, but somehow forgot to do all the rest of the audio!
I'll be doing that in a jiffy, then a couple of playtests before uploading it.
Greenie's Heroic Adventure should be in your browser by tonight.


I also have to code a Foldapuz game, today, but am really struggling to come up with anything interesting, lately.
I'm up to 97 games on there. Perhaps 100 is a nice time to stop?
I mean, realistically, that's a LOT of puzzle games.
It's been a fun adventure, but I can't honestly keep coming up with new puzzles every week forever.

.. Or can I!!?!

As always, if you can think of a pen'n'paper puzzle that I haven't yet attempted, let me know.

Oh yeah, and I still haven't fixed up Kakuro properly.

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New games every week!
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