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5th January 2023
Like.. How to get to Salford Royal...

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23rd November 2021
Hmm.. That's slightly worrying..

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13th August 2021
Back in 2012 I was hospitalised with a brain tumour.
In August of that year, I posted a lengthy ramble about what was going on, and now nine years on, I figured I should post an annual "how'm I doing" post.

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Health , Jiggity
23rd November 2020
Spent most of yesterday preparing for today's big trip.

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14th November 2020
Aaaaah, Stitches.

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6th November 2020
Oh, boy..

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4th November 2020
At some point in the past few months, my Shunt seemingly disintegrated for reasons that are still unclear, but are more than likely just an age thing.

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27th February 2020
Doctor suggested a recent MRI would help, so I'll be heading off up there again, once I've got the appointment for that.

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27th February 2020
Salford Royal, Neurosurgery, Outpatients.
Haven't been up there for a good few years, and hopefully will be getting away with a general chit-chat, and perhaps a second outpatients appointment for a scan.
If they keep me in, then.. Grrr!!
I've prepared everything, just in case, though. My phone's topped up, and all items for a "Staying In Bag" are sat in my bedroom ready to be whipped up at a moment's notice.
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11th February 2020
Last February they removed some of my disability. My Mobility was apparently perfectly fine, even though my Mobility is my main issue.
Today, I finally get my day in court, and hopefully all goes well.
Normal AGameAWeek service will resume later.
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Rest Day Blog
2nd February 2020
Migraine = Chill out with Hours of Red Dwarf

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Slow Day Blog
11th January 2020
Yesterday was a fairly significant downer.
Terrible news on the home-front, and all plans were off.
Bad news is what it is, and there's not a lot I can do about it, but it's certainly something that puts a stop to all the things you're doing.
Today I'll try to get my mind back into its normal place, and see if I can make a game.
I've been saying all week about how much I like Foldapuz's new Five Blocks game, so I'll probably end up redoing that for Shoebox...
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2nd January 2020
Went for a checkup this morning.

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13th August 2019
It's 7 years since I first posted the Jiggity post, waffling on about my health, and the tumour, and all of that gubbins.
As is tradition, here's my annual health update post!
Feel free to skip by this post, it's all about my crappy health issues, and since nothing's changed, you probably know it all anyway!

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Jiggity , Health
26th June 2019
At 3pm I have to be at the town hall, where I'm having a discussion with a council worker about my upcoming disability tribunal.
Oh the fun!!
As such, any and all coding will probably be abandoned for much of the day, as my mind whizzes around trying to decide what I'm going to say, and all that kind of gubbins.
Not a fan of this kind of thing, if I'm honest.
Hopefully I'll get back on track, later tonight.
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Daily Blog , Health
14th April 2019
As much as I've been struggling on with a flu, for the past few days, yesterday completely floored me.

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Daily Blog , Man Flu , Health , Shoebox
25th March 2019
I've never had to wear a wrist strap, before, but the sheer agony in my wrist, yesterday, was on a whole other level.

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Daily Blog , Health
15th March 2019
The trip to the Diabetes Doc went pretty smoothly.

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15th March 2019
I have to head off into town, today, to have a diabetes checkup.

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Daily Blog , Health
6th March 2019
6th of March 2012 was the day that I was rushed into hospital with a brain tumour. Oh joy..

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Daily Blog , Health
A Day Out Blog
14th January 2019
Today's the day I have to go for my medical, and talk about how bitterly depressing it is being stuck in the house all day, every day.
Everything's been posted early, all daily chores are done, and I'm now going to get a few hours sleep before having to head all the way into the center of Manchester.

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Lazy Day Blog
21st November 2018
Yesterday's task was to wake up early, prepare myself to manage the walk to the local Doctor's GP and back.

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Daily Blog , Health
13th August 2018
Although August 13th isn't a significant date in my health matters, it is the date that I wrote this rather lengthy blog post, back in 2012.
It's now become a bit of a tradition for me to post an annual update on this date.
Other Jiggity Posts
The posts are given the title "Jiggity", because my original post was titled "Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig"!
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Daily Blog , Health , Jiggity
21st May 2018
A lovely salad for dinner, but a single slice of cheese was enough to kick off a killer migraine!

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Daily Blog , Health
6th March 2018
Six years to the day that they found the great big tumour in my head.
In the time since, I've created over 130 games, built 3 different Frameworks including the recent C++ one, and drawn a heck of a lot of daily Pixelart doodles, tons of ALChoons, completely rewritten two fairly large websites, and a whole load more.
None of this would've been possible without the great Neurosurgery team up at Salford Royal, (specifically, Dr Leggate's team) and the wonders that are the British NHS.<...
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26th December 2017
A standard Xmas in the house of Jay.
The morning was spent unwrapping the insane amount of sweets that I'd been gifted.
Since folk know not to buy me Chocolate (since it gives me migraines) and they're desperately trying not to resort to buying Xmas Socks, they all seem to end up buying me a curious variety of sweets.
Each one trying desperately to find the most unique sweet they can, in a bid to outdo each other.
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Daily Blog , Health
13th August 2016
Four years ago, I made (URL "">this post), all about my hospital and brain tumour gubbins. It's been a long time since then, so I guess it's time for an update...
In general, my health is about the same. Over the past few years, I've learned the sort of things that can cause me to get queasy, and am attempting to avoid such things. I've learned that over-exerting myself can cause a lot of unexpected sickness, and that if I want a s...
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