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17th February 2021
Today hasn't gone very well.
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21st February 2021
A few thoughts have been festering over the past week..
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21st February 2021
Very very very very very very basic stuff, here!!
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2nd March 2021
After a week of thinking, reading, planning and more, I finally got a good second day's grip on the Script Engine, yesterday.
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9th March 2021
Ugh.. That script engine isn't coming together very well.
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24th March 2021
The scripting engine takes one step forward, and half-a-dozen back.
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25th March 2021
Hello again, quirky boxy spaceman!
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30th March 2021
Over on my last JSE Scripting Engine post, Alan suggested the following...
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1st April 2021
Day five, and after a bit of tweaking, Function Values are being returned.
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2nd April 2021
Reverse Polish Notation is a form of mathematical layout, whereby your equation function is left until the end of the numbers that it'll work with.
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3rd April 2021
Not 100% sure where this week's SmileBASIC game is heading.
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4th April 2021
7am, woke up with a banging headache.
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5th April 2021
Most of the tweaks to the JSE recently have been little bits over the past couple of days.
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6th April 2021
I was supposed to be starting a Browsercade game, yesterday. I certainly wasn't expecting to do much to the JSE engine.. But the fun of the puzzle dragged me back in!
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8th April 2021
Took some time to work on the basic UI for JSE, yesterday.
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10th April 2021
By this point, I've completely lost track of what day I'm up to.
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11th April 2021
Yesterday I spent most of the day battling with Scales. I added my first "sprite" to the JSE engine, and things went downhill from there!
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13th April 2021
I took a huge chunk out of the RPN code, yesterday, and sat rewriting it all.
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13th April 2021
JSE's coming along at a measured pace, and as with all things, SpikeDislike will be my test.
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15th April 2021
I haven't yet coded the functionality of the Sprite Editor, and instead have chosen to work on its data compression...
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15th April 2021
Bow Wow, Platdude Bob!!!!000!!!
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16th April 2021
A lot of rejigging, but eventually I got...
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24th April 2021
I guess that Covid Jab hit me, after all.
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25th April 2021
Definitely going to have to cut out a huge chunk of code, I reckon.
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26th April 2021
The rewrite of the Parser, to account for a more complex set of stackage, is going reasonably well.. .. I think!
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27th April 2021
Switching from 2 values per line to 3 values per line was indeed exceedingly complicated. I should probably have accounted for further values in the future, and will now be kicking myself that I haven't. Ho hum..
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28th April 2021
You can try out my scripting language in your browser, right now!!
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