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Space Station A6-100 Game
25th January 2016
Defeat the swarms of aliens, and grab the Save disk from each level.
Guide your player through the maze of the Space Station, blasting away alien creatures, and trying your best to find the floppy disk.<br><br>Hunt through the crates to find the best weapons for the job, but watch out for hidden enemies.
Movement<br> - Walk and Fire<br> - Strafe and Fire<br> - Stand and Fire (Turret Mode)<br><br>*M (or Right Thumbstick) Precise Aiming
Language Monkey-X
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Extra Links
Blog Post
Read about the original launch of this game, in an accompanying blog post.
Otakupunk's LetsPlay of the game.

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Shooter , Top-down , Maze , Alien Deathmatch
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