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Score My Words
  10th March, 2018
A tool to aid in the playing of Real World Scrabble. You can use this to add up word values, keep track of scores, and it even has minimal word checking integrated, too.
This tool works great when run on a board-side tablet*.

(*Landscape only! I lazily haven't added Portrait buttons.)

Created 10th March, 2018 Language Monkey-X

Start a game.
Add words
Click the little green tick to enter the word, score it, and add the score to the player's tally.
This isn't great, and definitely isn't a cheating tool, but it's handy when playing IRL Scrabble.

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An image that might be useful if you want to pretend the game has a box!
Steam Icon
An icon sized at 460x215 pixels to fit on Steam's GUI.
Cut out, fold and glue, to create your own mini PaperArcade cabinet.
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