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  24th May, 2018

Added a bit of greenery to the background, this morning, but had to rejig a bit of the 3DS's code so that the scaled-up sprites looked nice and "Nearest Neighbour", instead of .. Like they did an hour ago!!

Pixel scaling FTW!

I'm going to have to add a trail to the player, though. It's extremely easy to lose track of where you are, when it all gets hectic.

But, yeah, looking good
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  23rd May, 2018
There's a nice new pool game available on iOS by @helvetica called Pocket Run Pool. (.com)

People keep asking me on Twitter what it's like, because apparently I'm some sort of super-picky gamer when it comes to Pool games.

My thoughts are that it's a really nice and fully formed "Ball" engine, that feel superb, and doesn't have of the annoying things that I usually tend to pick at when playing a Pool game.
It's almost as if @helvetica's been reading my many rants about rubbish Pool game issues, and has built his game up to avoid many of those bugbears.

View on YouTube

The game isn't "Proper Pool", it's more of an "Arcade Game based on Pool", in that you try to earn as many points as you can using the various onscreen numbers.

You have lives and a score counter, and things add up based on pocket-based bonuses.

It's really quite a nice game, and a nice set of physics, and I'd highly recommend it.

Go pot some!

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Daily Blog
  21st July, 2009
Nice and big, specifically in the title, so as not to get ANYONE excited!

I will be VERY surprised if anyone gives a rats ass about this week's .. um.. "game".. but here it is anyway.

"Made for my cookie", although it's not a cookie anymore.. it's a viewty.. this J2ME Java App will allow you to play along with a real-world game of scrabble.
See, lately I've been playing a LOT of Scrabble.
I bought a ??40 "Scrabble 60th Anniversary Edition" set, thinking it's be all nice and lovely.

Here are my list of complaints about that board game.
1) Everything is made from a nice transparent green coloured plastic. Means the board, the racks, the tiles and everything looks fantastic.
BUT.. You put the tiles in the rack, and if you look hard enough, you can usually figure out what tiles the other player has.
FFS!! Could they not have foreseen that!!

2) The bag, for whatever bizarre reason, has the drawstring on the INSIDE of the bag.
This means that you consistently have to fight with the drawstring whilst trying to dig out a letter or two.
FFS!! Could they not have foreseen that, either!!

3) When I've paid fourty bloody quid for a board game, I damn well expect it to include a bloody pencil, and a bloody pad of scoresheets, you cheap ass bunch of gits.

Well, here's one solution to that.
Tap the square, tap the letter, fill in the grid, score your words.

Currently only works for "Player 1" and "Player 2", and doesn't have an undo, so be careful what you're entering..
Also doesn't word-check, either.
But it will tot up the scores.
And if you tap on "Player 1" or "Player 2", you can see their per-word scorelist, which is nice.

You can Download Scrabble Scorepad here, and give it a whirl, so long as you have a touchscreen, J2ME compatible device.. !

Additionally, you can Buy the Collin's Scrabble Dictionary here, which I got the other day, and I must say it's very very good! Unlike the old "Scrabble Word Lists" books, this one is indeed a dictionary, so you can finally figure out wtf those random words actually mean!! A great buy, especially for the price.
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  23rd May, 2018
Blockman Gets "Something"
Spike Dislike
JNKPlat 2018

Three classic AGameAWeek games that I really think should exist on the 3DS, more than anything.

An Alien Deathmatch would be nice, too

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Daily Blog
  8th December, 2009

Hurray! Neonplat!! T-Shirt!!! HAPPY!!

More amazing buying opportunities inside!!Read More
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Daily Blog
  17th May, 2006
Decent engine vs lack of new ideas.
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Remake , Abandoned
  21st May, 2018

Today's been a bit of a crazy day of maths, as I wrangled the numbers in order to get things to look vaguely accurate onscreen.
The player's no longer colliding with the floor correctly, but at least now the little squishable creatures are all behaving like they should.

Next to be added, a few powerups!
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  22nd May, 2018
I've spent roughly a decade working in multiple scales, resolutions and ratios.
I've dealt with Android, with it's 57,000 different possible resolutions. I've handled iOS with portrait/landscape orientations. I've coped with Windows with a bazillion different possible window sizes..

But 3DS, with one single screen resolution!?!

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Daily Blog , 3ds Homebrew , 2018 Framework
  12th May, 2018
Help Franken eat up all of the bugs that he can, without getting hurt.
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Platform , Collect
  22nd April, 2018
Guide little Clampett through the crazy maze, trying to find the way out.
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Platform , Clampett
  21st May, 2018
A lovely salad for dinner, but a single slice of cheese was enough to kick off a killer migraine!

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Daily Blog , Health
  19th May, 2018
Can I get an entire game up and running in just a short couple of days?
Only one way to find out!!

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Daily Blog , 563
  20th May, 2018
All 3DS games have been recompiled, today, so they all now feature the most recent version of the framework, and are bundled into cia/3dsx packages.

Roland Eats a Stale Biscuit now has working music, On a Space Shooting Trail lets you fly further into deep space, and a couple of other minor fixes have been made along the way.

Enjoy, hacky folk!
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Daily Blog
  20th May, 2018
Again, Jay?!
*tsk* Lazy Jay...

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Daily Blog
  8th December, 2017
Platdude bought a more interesting replacement pet, and has named her Poly, after his favourite sort of shape.
Now he gets to buy hundreds of bits and pieces to decorate the birdcage!
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Pet , Wildlife
  5th December, 2017
PlattyKitty wants more food, but Platdude's given him more than enough food, this morning.
Out of the kitchen, PlattyKitty!!
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  27th November, 2017
A new hedgehog is visiting Platdude's garden.
Platdude's decided to call it Knuckles.
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  25th November, 2017
With just a month to go, Platdude ensures all the animals are properly fed.
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  19th November, 2017
Platdude and his friend have rescued another dolphin, and are returning it to the sea where it'll be happier.
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  19th August, 2016
Calm down, Platdude.
Your day might be starting out bad, but things will get better.
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Catchphrase , Spilt Milk
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