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Nothing Found :(
  21st September, 2000
After numerous tweaks to the design, Platdude finally got his boomerang to come back.
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  10th March, 2010
Ever since I came up with this whole MAR10 Costume idea, I've had three games in mind.

1. Ted Bob was a great game, and needed an update. By making it More Mario, I could easily add extra bits into the mix.
Job done, turned out nicely.

2. "Monsters Upside Your Head" played bizarrely, but nicely! Redoing that in DK style seemed obvious, but didn't quite turn out exactly as expected.
Job attempted, didn't turn out so great.

3. Munky running around with a Mario Costume on..
I'll be honest, this is just a silly image, but the idea of taking the Bowser-Castle levels from the original SMB, and replacing mario with a space munky!? Hey, that's good gaming, right there!!
Not sure entirely how this game's going to turn out, but I'll try my best.

Today, I draw a munky...

The next couple of weeks, though, are a bit of a blank.
I have 2 more Tuesdays to go, a whole batch of characters to play with, but I'm already running short on obvious ideas.
I'd love to see Greenie in a Mario Costume, but what would that play like?
And what about Blockman? Trying to mesh together Pacman and Mario almost makes no sense at all.


Oh, and Platdude already had a Mario costume in JNKPlat 07..

Result : Platdude in a Mario Costume feels very very wrong, given Platdude's control method!
And, I just spent about 20 minutes playing that, so.. Go have a play!
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Daily Blog
  2nd October, 2017
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  10th April, 2019
v0.85 - Decided to place the Per-Game rule options into the "Rules" page.
Although only Cardagain currently has any "House Rules", I have at least decided on the best place to put them.
The House Rules are fittingly inside the "Rules" section.
Tap the little "?" in the top right, and alongside the actual rules, you'll see a little set of standard HTML Radio-Buttons which allow you to choose from the three available speeds of the game.

This will be the place where all future House Rules will be going, so try to remember that, going forward!!
As always, if you can think of any house rules for the current selection of games, be sure to let me know.
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  28th July, 2016
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Greenie , Caught
  2nd November, 2019
Build a bridge, westwards, over the river.
Using standard Crossword Game rules, connect vertical words from one side of the river to the other.
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Words , Crossword , Scrabble
  14th April, 2019
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  24th November, 2019
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  28th July, 2019
I'm currently about 98.36% happy with Blockman, but one little niggling issue is happening on iOS.
For some reason, it's occasionally slowing down to about 25fps, instead of sticking at 30.
I'm fairly sure this is to do with my dodgy framerate code, again, so will be holding off a final post until tomorrow.

For now, though, if you'd like to give Blockman a whirl, head on over to Browsercade.com and .. Play the Game!!!

Any issues, any at all, please do let me know.

Full release in the morning, some time.
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  12th July, 2019
v1.03 - Added Blackjack to the Card Game selection

Blackjack, Pontoon, 21. Call it what you will.
The aim is to reach as close as you can to 21, without going over.
Once you're done, AL will have a try, and whoever gets closest is the winner.

The first to reach three wins is declared the overall winner of the game.

You can Play Blackjack in the Card Games section of the Shoebox.

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Shoebox , Release
  29th July, 2019
Protect your Blocklet friends from the evil ghosts, and guide them all home.
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  4th April, 2016
Guide your trusty springs through the world of the grids.
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Maze , Top-down , Ambidextrous
  8th November, 2014

RE : People who Jailbreak/Root/Mod their console/phone/tech, and then whinge that "for some stupid reason", the tech is broken and unusable
... If you hadn't broken it, then it wouldn't be broken..
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Daily Blog
  5th June, 2015
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  17th June, 2017
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  19th July, 2019
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  18th December, 2018
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Vehicle , Diy
  21st April, 2018
OK, I really need to stop working on the 3DS stuff, and get this week's Clampett game done.

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Daily Blog , 558
  11th February, 2013
You know what I hate?

You might've noticed that very few of my games include icons.
Not only do I hate having to draw icons, I also hate having to create 70,000 bazillion different sizes for every sodding size that might be needed.
Gah, I HATE icons!!!

AGameAWeek on Android means I need 3 icons every smegging week. Oh, great :

Today, I made a "Jay is too lazy for this" tool, called IconResizer.
Download IconResizer here.
I've supplied the BlitzMax sourcecode along with the program, so if you ever need to tweak it to add more icon sizes, it shouldn't be too difficult.

The basic idea is this.
You supply the original pictures, it generates a bunch of icons for your game.

The Lengthy version..
First, it needs Icon_SIZE.png files of various sizes. I'll typically be creating a 128 and 1024 icon for each of my apps, but the more you add, the clearer close-target sized icons will appear. (Less scaling = less dodgy!) For me, the 1024 one goes on the iTunes site, whereas the 128 one gets used by the app.

Once you've created all the Icon_SIZE.png's you can be bothered to make, you then need to create a Launch.png image, too. This is the one that will be rescaled to create all those stupid "Default.png" loader images that Apple makes us create.

Shove all these into the folder, and run the .exe file.
Give it a minute or two, depending on how fast your system is, and it'll flick through creating everything you need.
Once done, you'll find an icons/ folder containing all the icon files, and a launch/ folder with all those fiddly Default.png images.

Additionally, if you're using Monkey, it can also be used to create Android icons, too, helping you be extra lazy..
Assuming your game is "YourGame/YourGame.monkey" shove this into "YourGame/IconResizer/". It'll hunt for a "YourGame/something.build/android/res/" folder, and if it can find one, it'll place the three icons necessary for Android into the associated folders. Handy!
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Iconresizer , Utility
  15th April, 2007
Dodge the walls, pick up the boxes, ignore the dodgyness!
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Incomplete , Avoid
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