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Nothing Found :(
  19th October, 2018
One of the Advent Collexion ended up being stripped out again, yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Delta Collexion , 580
  16th October, 2018
As I added yet another game to this year's Advent Collexion, I realised that I'm pretty much out of ideas!!

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Daily Blog , Monotony
  18th October, 2018
10:30, last night, a Wasp appeared in my bedroom.
We hunted the cupboards for Fly/Wasp spray, but none was to be found.
Instead, I spent the night on the couch, and it'll be battled at some point this morning.

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Daily Blog , Webdev
  1st October, 2010
Remove the walls and floors to progress to the next level.
Views 3916, Upvotes 22
Platdude , Action , Arcade , Remake , Neonplat
  22nd April, 2018
Guide little Clampett through the crazy maze, trying to find the way out.
Views 422, Upvotes 21
Platform , Clampett
  5th March, 2018
The war rages on, in the neon skies. How long will you dare to survive?
Views 355, Upvotes 16
Space , Shoot-em-up , Horizontal Shooter
  26th February, 2018
Help Flappy save his fellow flapping friends from the dungeon.
Views 463, Upvotes 17
  12th May, 2018

Eating bugs, just for fun!

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Daily Blog
  18th March, 2018
Help Roland get all his biscuits from the crazy maze, using only the power of his epic pushing arms.

(Game title pinched from @Ashens.)
Views 488, Upvotes 23
Roland , Amstrad , Amsoft , Ashens
  3rd June, 2018
Blockman returns in another classic maze-puzzle dot-munching game.
Views 398, Upvotes 15
  26th May, 2018
Squash all the enemies, and hop for success, as you try not to die in this ultimate test.
Views 358, Upvotes 21
Platform , Mario , Fiery Fourth
  16th June, 2018
Platdude's hopped back into the Neon-Dimension, and this time he's brought some bombs.
Views 309, Upvotes 11
Neoplat , Neonplat , Platdude
  25th June, 2018
Connect all the coloured boxes to complete each of the many levels.
Views 433, Upvotes 10
Robot , Puzzle , Colours
  6th July, 2018
All of Pogo's fruit have escaped, and are planning a rebellion against the poor little Fridge.
Squish them to death!!
Views 417, Upvotes 9
Platformer , Fruit
  16th July, 2018
Blast away the geometrical waves, as you frantically try to survive.
Views 476, Upvotes 11
  17th October, 2018
Yesterday was a day for pinching ideas. Trying out old games and jotting down a few mechanics as I go.

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Daily Blog , Monotony
  3rd September, 2009
I'd better get this game done, this week! It's getting a wee bit unruley. I need to pull in the ideas a bit and just get the game finalised.

Today I've been playing with the map again.
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Daily Blog
  26th October, 2010
A somewhat simplified version of the classic Space Hawks, from the Amstrad CPC!
Views 4377, Upvotes 16
Shooter , Shoot Em Up , Space , Arcade , Remake
  22nd February, 2008
Last year I drew some graphics!
A set of sprites and background tiles for a DS game based on the classic Alien Breed on the Amiga.
The plan fell apart soon after.

Last week I decided to resurrect it on the PC.
Sorry! This is another none-DS game, folks!
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  16th May, 2008
Tomb Raider meets Pitfall!

Retro Raider took a few days to get into a decent build, and then over the course of a few weeks I added lots of extra little chunky bits.

Recently I've been tweaking it even more.
There's now a handful of levels, a few collectables, doors, keys, and even a little Ghost Replay/Time Trial mode.

Good, clean, retro happyness!
There's even a level editor to keep you entertained even longer!

You can Download RetroRaider here, and have some fun! As usual, that link will be the most up to date version, and if there's any major changes, I'll let you know.
Views 93, Upvotes 11
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