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Still plenty of Framework things to finish off, and yet my mind's whizzing ahead to the next task.
Hang on, Jay.. Get it all done properly!!

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Jnkplat 2018
Even with his epic Space Blaster, Platdude's still being overrun by the alien creatures!
Views 3, Upvotes 1, 18th January, 2018
You'd be amazed how many errors have cropped up in the AGameAWeek script!
The previous server was setup to display major errors onscreen, rather than logging them, but the new server logs EVERYTHING!!!

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Daily Blog
Speedy and Quick,
This server is slick.
I give bugs a kick,
To make it all it tick.
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Run and jump and jump and run! Note : Due to the high speed of the flickering, this is probably really bad if you suffer from Photosensitive Epilepsy.
Views 2617, Upvotes 10, 16th November, 2010
Demake , Rapid Death , Run , Experimental

Views 17, Upvotes 2, 1st March, 2015
What do you do once a workshop's on fire?
Views 1330, Upvotes 7, 18th June, 2007
Adventure , Platdude , Idigidragon
A Fruit Machine filled with a pile of 25 little Minigames
Views 982, Upvotes 8, 18th August, 2003
Fruit Machine , Slots , Arcade , Gamble , Minigames
Roll the ball through the maze to reach the goal.
Views 529, Upvotes 15, 10th July, 2017
Puzzle , Maze
I'm sure that used to be a quicker thing to do.

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Daily Blog
Another day, another bug.
There's loads of them to find.
I seem to work on them so much,
That new stuff's left behind.
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Poetry Corner
Sitting with my head in pain.
I hope it's nothing bad.
Just another migraine.
Which, all this week, I've had.
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I decided to do things the easiest way, code wise. To unlock the exit to a level, you need to open all the boxes within that level. Nice and simple.
There are 10 level layouts currently in the game. I might add more, I'm not sure. So far the largest level only uses up about 1/16th of the available map size, but if I make them too big they get a little dull.
So, 10 levels, and then it loops back with a higher difficulty, going right up to level 100.
There's plenty of pickups, 3 types of enemies, and even a stash of TNT to blow 'em all up with.
I've also played about with the colourings a little. There are 6 Background colour schemes, and the engine picks out one colour for floors, one for buttons and one for blocks. It keeps things a little more interesting instead of it all being drab sandy yellow throughout.

The game, as it stands, is pretty much what I'd aimed for when I started. It has all the elements I'd planned and a fair few more.
But I've two more weeks before the Monthly Challenge's deadline.
What more could I add?
I'm sure I'll think of something!

Greenie - The Eccentric Egyptologist - Coming soon!
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Daily Blog
It's been almost a year since Platdude had to tackle a pothole.
It's about time he got out there, and did some more work.
Lazy Platdude!
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...by putting prices up!

"we're always looking for ways to do what's best for you - creators."
Yeah, but if you piss off the people who pay the creators, then the creators aren't going to be too happy!!

If you're one of my three Patreons and feel that you're getting screwed by this epic fuckup, then feel free to remove your patreonage. I won't complain.
Bloody Patreon. Grrr!!!

I might shift the Notebook posts over to the main site.


Thanks to all Patreons!
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Daily Blog
Time to go golfing.
Views 833, Upvotes 18, 26th June, 2017
Golf , Sports
Once again, Platdude learns he has no idea how to sail a ship.
He's asking for assistance.
Views 6, Upvotes 1, 17th January, 2018
Festivities over,
Christmas is done.
Now Mum's watching telly.
The Soaps are all on.
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