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Nothing, this week?
2nd December 2020  
Starting to feel a little lazy, now..


The Advent of Creativity is definitely showing up how little creativity I currently have.
I'm really struggling with lacking ideas, and just aren't managing to code/doodle/anything.
What's wrong with me!?! (.. oh yeah..)

I definitely need to get into gear. I've a lovely new Macbook that I'm more or less comfortable using. I've got some great new apps to play with. I've got a battery that lasts all day.
I should be using all day to do things.

.. But I'm not.
I'm being a lazy git, and doing barely anything at all.

Bah, humbug.

Today's Plan


Last week I started planning a game on Switch, but .. then I bought a Macbook, so that idea went out the window.
It might be a good idea to use Advent to build up that game to a decent proportion. And, if I'm doing it there, I could probably do it in Browsercade, too. It's not "too" big, but it is a bit bigger than the normal weekly game.
(PS, it's a new NeonPlat Adventure.. eeek!)

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