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25th November 2022  
Two more themes to go!
But will I attempt to do a particular one?

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Daily Blog
24th November 2022  
Yesterday was spent whipping up the ALChoon and getting the SoCoder Newsletter done.

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Daily Blog , Waffle
23rd November 2022  
Oh no, I'm so very very far behind, this week..

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Daily Blog , Panic
22nd November 2022  
I spent last night flicking through oodles of choons trying to pick out the right songs for all the themes I've done for the SpikeVent.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
21st November 2022  
So far, none of the SpikeVent themes have been particularly festive. I think I need to work on that for the last few themes.

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Daily Blog
20th November 2022  
I fed this morning's Platdude Pixelart into NightCafe, and told it it was "A hamster drinking from its bottle."
This was the result...

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Daily Blog , Oddities
19th November 2022  
18th is done, and I'm halfway through working on the 19th.

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Daily Blog
18th November 2022  
The Amiga Boing Ball "kinda" worked, but also really doesn't work in-game.

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Daily Blog , Fail
17th November 2022  
I managed to get some kind of gameplay working, though it's still very much "definitely not NeonPlat, honest" in terms of how it looks.

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Daily Blog
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