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4th September 2022  
Browsercade's currently in a right mess, as I started work on the new controller code.
(But don't worry, it's only my home-edition that's broke!)

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Daily Blog , Broken
3rd September 2022  
Didn't get anywhere yesterday.
BlastTrax Scrapped!!

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Daily Blog
2nd September 2022  
The Rainbow Road even looked bad. I've given up on doing a BlastTrax for this week, I think.

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Daily Blog , No Progress
1st September 2022  
I spent a good number of hours trying to find a nice graphical style for a new BlastTrax, last night.

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Daily Blog , Testing
31st August 2022  
I've had this week's ALChoon sitting on my drive since last Thursday, waiting to be posted.
Now that it's gone, my drive is lonely, and needs another ALChoon.

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Daily Blog , Wormhole , Blasttrax
30th August 2022  
I've added a new Question of the Day section to SoCoder.
I say added.. The section's been there for about a decade, but has been mostly unused.

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Daily Blog , Socoder
29th August 2022  
One of the most fun elements of JNKPlat has been designing levels.
Left Trigger, Right Shoulder, Y

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Jnkplat , Switch
29th August 2022  
The Calendar Generator has been upgraded to include the new HD images.
Now you can print epic calendars with high quality AI-enhanced imagery!

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Daily Blog , Site
28th August 2022  
JNKPlat has been thrust upon the world of Switch, and now it's the watching game, as people try to decide if they like it or now.

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Daily Blog , Smilebasic
27th August 2022  
Platdude hops onboard the SmileBASIC train, and re-emerges on the Nintendo Switch.
Hop, with both of his jump buttons, around the 100 hand-crafted levels of varying difficulty.
Can you puzzle your way through all the levels?
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Jnkplat , Platdude , Puzzle , Platformer
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