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7th June 2011  
The other day I played another of those Fire Escape style games.
You know the ones.
They started on the Game&Watch and got remade over and over.
<img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Juggler_20110606_Logo_thumb.png">

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6th June 2011  
Just keep the balls afloat
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4th June 2011  
I might skip another AGAW, this week, sorry!
I have a half-game play-thing half done, but I've just started another one of those spur-of-the-moment things that might take over my entire weekend.
.. again..
<a href="http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/logo.png"><img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/logo.png" alt="" title="logo" width="320" height="160" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1414" /></a>

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31st May 2011  
I've been hyping this one all week!!!
<img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Extreme_Unicorn_Racing_20110531_Logo_thumb.png">
.. don't expect much!

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31st May 2011  
It's a simple gambling racing game.
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30th May 2011  
It wasn't my games.
o/ hurray o/

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Daily Blog
29th May 2011  
I'd love to, but considering it's taken me about 6 months to get around to fixing Ubuntu (just starting, may not go well!!) the chances of me fixing my DSBrew stuff is pretty darned minimal.

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26th May 2011  
Blimey, haven't done one of these for a while!
Any game ideas, slap 'em in the comments!

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24th May 2011  
Mark this down as a "Well, it DOES work, it's just not for me" kinda game.
<img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Word_Trundle_20110524_Logo_thumb.png">

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24th May 2011  
Find the word!
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Word Search , Wordsearch , Word Trundle
20th May 2011  
Kristina - May 19, 2011
Well i have been playing you game and it suck i havent been hitting things and it still says game over you guys created a piece of crap!

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17th May 2011  
If this week's game isn't finished by Friday night, I'm going to scrap it, and do something else..
As you can probably see, it isn't done yet.
I'm currently making it a Two-Week project, but the longer I drag it out, the more it's starting to feel like Box's Romp... big.. spacious.. empty.. void... boring.. .. it really isn't feeling like it's worth doing it.
damnit, I hate when projects get like that.
Fingers crossed, eh!
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15th May 2011  
Last Sunday, I came up with a fun idea for a game/experiment.
I figured it was WAY too big to fit into the next day and a half, so set it aside for this week, and instead made the (URL "http://AGameAWeek.com/?p=1373">silly block diggy thing) that I did last week.
On Thursday, I properly started the bigger project, hoping that 5 days of work would be enough.
On day 1 I did the nice intro, made the outside-area work, and patted myself on the back for having done a really large job in a si...
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11th May 2011  
It's a Platform game, but it isn't.
It's a side-view Puzzle game, with Platformy events included.

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10th May 2011  
A random game idea on Sunday, with a totally random name, and then a shock co-incidence when Monday turned out to be Roger Hargreaves' birthday, and the Mr Men ended up being plastered all over Google!
I couldn't have planned that.. I'm far too lazy to have planned that!
<img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Mister_Smash_20110510_Logo_thumb.png">

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10th May 2011  
It's a little bit like Mr Driller, only it prefers you go slower!
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Puzzle , Slow , Thinker , Driller , Digging
3rd May 2011  
It's neat and simple.
A Matrix screen filled with code. Occasionally there's Red code. Zap the red code!
That's pretty much all there is to it!!
<img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Matrix_Blaster_20110503_Logo_thumb.png">

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3rd May 2011  
Destroy the Red Code before it infects the bottom of the screen!
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Missile Command , Shoot-em-up , Remake
2nd May 2011  
Today I'm battling the forces of evil.
Microsoft have "updated" my system so that all my games now run at about 1/3rd their normal speed.
Thanks, Microsoft! You're AWESOME!!!

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28th April 2011  
<a href="http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Matrix-Blaster-Screenshot_28-Apr-2011_114930.png"><img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Matrix-Blaster-Screenshot_28-Apr-2011_114930-300x168.png" alt="" title="Matrix Blaster (Screenshot_28 Apr 2011_114930)" width="300" height="168" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1360" /></a>

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Daily Blog
26th April 2011  
1. I'm waiting for Puzzobomb to pop up on the App Store, assuming they like it, and let it up there!
2. NinjaDuck is slowly plodding away, but I have no idea what type of game it'll end up being.
I mean, I have a vague idea! Obviously it'll be a platformer! But other than that.. *shrugs*
3. I thought about Y-Box, and how that'd be a nice game to have on my iPhing.. Then I started juggling some sprites, built a nice set of gfx, but then couldn't be bothered to code anything.
4. I ...
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Daily Blog
24th April 2011  
I enjoyed my Month Off!
I've written a lovely quickstart framework, I've built a game and a half, I've posted more Tube vids and Tweets in a month than any month previously, I've tried to keep up the blog, AND I even had time to relax!!
A few games of GTA and Burnout meant my X360 was switched on for the first time in over a year!
I've been playing YouDon'tKnowJack on the iPod (Highly recommended, even if it is Americanised questions), and listening to months worth ...
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Daily Blog
22nd April 2011  
I was supposed to keep the posts flowing during my month off, but Lazy Jay took control for the past few days, it seems!
No matter, here's what I've been doing.

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Ios Dev
19th April 2011  
If you're not too busy, Jay, why not try making another game!?

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Ios Dev
18th April 2011  

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Ios Dev
17th April 2011  
Still fiddling around with the basics of NinjaDuck iOS, and have actually done a whole lot of work since yesterday. Although, you still can't see any of it yet.
I'm either going to have to set up a camera, or figure out a hacky way to do Accelerometer based gameplay in the Simulator.
Yesterday Ninja Duck looked like this..
<a href="http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/IMG_0629.png"><img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/IMG_0629...
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Ios Dev
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