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19th August 2022  
Sidetracked, once more, I decided to start a new drawing tool, yesterday.
In many ways, it's quite similar to the Symbol Tool in GotoJSE, except it's even more simplistic!

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Daily Blog , Drawing
18th August 2022  
Michael Fernie emailed this morning suggesting a game that would fit into the Shoebox.

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Daily Blog
17th August 2022  
Protect Orret Cha from an onslaught of enemy fighters.
Swoosh around the tiny cylindrical planet, and blast away as the waves of invaders appear.
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Shooter , Space , Wraparound , Loop
17th August 2022  
Blast waves of enemies as you fly in circles around the oddly cylindrical planet.
You can Play Orret Cha in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Browsercade , Release
17th August 2022  
It took a couple of hours of code-tweaking to make a proper start on them last night, but I've finally made the first 10 or so levels in the JNKPlat Switch edition.

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Daily Blog , Juggling
16th August 2022  
There are still a few things I need to rejig to get the site up to a state that I'm completely happy with.

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Daily Blog , Site
15th August 2022  
The other day, I asked Dall-E to come up with a few layout suggestions for the site, and in amongst it's four different outputs, the top left one peaked my interest.
The idea of reducing EVERYTHING down to little boxes seemed kind of ideal, as far as squeezing a little more stuff into a page.

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15th August 2022  
I can vaguely think straight, this morning!

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Daily Blog
14th August 2022  
That heatwave isn't helping!!

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Daily Blog
13th August 2022  
After finishing off Hello Worlds, I moved back to working on the Switch JNKPlat.

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Daily Blog
12th August 2022  
Our intrepid hero has discovered a giant set of planets and ominous stars among them.
Fly to grab the stars, but try not to crash along the way.
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Space , Dodge , Rocket , Collect
12th August 2022  
Our intrepid adventurer has stumbled upon a system full of stars.
Fly through the cosmos and pick up the stars before time's up.
You can Play this game in your browser, where it's been written in BASIC!

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Jse , Release
12th August 2022  
Woke up to the most wonderful email in the world!

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Daily Blog , Dalle
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