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2016 - Memories of
1st January 2016  
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A collection of classic videogame tunes, redone in AL's particular style.
Though most of the music on this site is freely useable, the tracks here probably shouldn't be used without proper attribution to the original composers.

  Memories of Alfred
Alfred Chicken - Title Theme by David Whittaker
© Twilight

  Memories of Bricks
Arkanoid - Title Theme by Hisayoshi Ogura
© Taito

  Memories of Chaos - Part 1
3D Starfighter - Title Theme by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

  Memories of Chaos - Part 2
3D Starfighter - Inspired by Blinky's Jingle by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

  Memories of Digging
Lemmings - Ingame Tune by Tim Wright and Brian Johnston
© DMA Design

  Memories of Eggs
Fast Food - Title Theme by David Whittaker
© Codemasters

  Memories of Flying
Frontier - Elite II - Title Theme by David Lowe
© Konami/GameTek/Frontier Developments

  Memories of Grand Prix
Grand Prix Simulator - Title Theme by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

  Memories of Heels
Head Over Heels - Tiny Intro Jingle by Guy Stevens
© Ocean Software

  Memories of Ice
Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone by Brad Buxer and The Jetzons
© Sega

  Memories of Jet Setting
Jet Set Willy - Ingame by Steve Wetherill
© Software Projects

  Memories of Keyborad
Kwik Snax - Title Theme by Lyndon Sharp
© Codemasters

  Memories of Lee
Bruce Lee - Title Theme by John A. Fitzpatrick
© US Gold

  Memories of Mackey
Megaball - Title Theme by Al Mackey
© Ed and Al Mackey

  Memories of NDOS
SkidRow Cracktro Tune by Twilight/Desire
© SkidRow

  Memories of Overtaking
Outrun - Magical Sound Shower by Hiroshi Kawaguchi
© Sega

  Memories of Puzzles
Puzznic - Title Theme by Jonathan Dunn
© Taito

  Memories of Quivers
Super Robin Hood - Title Theme by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

  Memories of Robotic Fish
James Pond 2 - Codename RoboCod - Title Theme by Richard Joseph
© Millennium

  Memories of Steel Balls
Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe - Title Theme by Nation 12
© Bitmap Brothers

  Memories of Tombs
Tomb Raider - Title Theme by Nathan McCree
© Core Design

  Memories of Universal Blasters
Cybernetix - Title Theme by Blair Zuppicich
© Vision

  Memories of Velocity
Jaguar XJ220 - Troubled Journey by Martin Iveson
© Core Design

  Memories of War
Cannon Fodder - Intro Theme by Richard Joseph, Jon Hare
© Sensible Software

  Memories of Xenon
Xenon II - Title Theme by David Whittaker, Bomb The Bass
© Bitmap Brothers

  Memories of Yolk
Dizzy - Title Theme by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

  Memories of Zooming Ninja
Zool - Rock'n'Zool by Patrick Phelan
© Gremlin Graphics
Total 27 tracks
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