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2021 - Youthful Trash
27th December 2021  
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Garbage Collected : 28th December, 2021

As I create each of the AL Bums, there are usually piles of leftover rubbish, littering my KORG Gadget project folder.

I usually end up with a scattering of "Album Letter Number" tracks, until I settle on the perfect track for that week.
At that point, the file is renamed to "Album Word", where Word starts with the letter of the week, and the number is eliminated.
What remains in the folder is a list of "Album Word" complete tracks, and a whole load of "Album Letter Number" abandoned tracks.

This week, I've decided to gather up the litter, and bundle it all into this little bonus AL Bum.

Please note that, since this is all leftovers, some of it might make your ears bleed!!

  Youthful A1
Most of the tracks in an AL Bum are simple repeating loops with layers that mute and unmute to build the Choon up.
Sometimes, that just doesn't work out, and the result becomes far too repetitive, even at this early of a stage.

  Youthful A2
This one sounds nice and spacey, and just when you're getting into it, a TERRIBLE instrument selection bursts your eardrums.

  Youthful C1
This track dies an early death. Sounds a bit like it could become an eighties romantic track or something. "I liked your choice of shoes, and the bandana you wrapped 'round your forehead..."

  Youthful D1
Lots of horribly clashing instruments, here. Too much..

  Youthful D2
A sudden end to this track. Could it have been better?

  Youthful F1
Some of the tracks in this collection felt like they were worthy of finishing off in a vague way. This is one of those.
It's quite nice.
There are a few tracks, here, which I looked back on and wondered why I abandoned them in such an early state.

  Youthful G1
This one goes alright up until it doesn't, and then it doesn't go well at all.

  Youthful G2
A track with a marching beat, and .. not much else. It peters out, and eventually gives up.

  Youthful H1
This track doesn't really go anywhere. I'm not a fan of Synth-Brass instruments. They always sound very specifically bad, no matter how complex the synth is.

  Youthful I1
Eeeuw... Just no...

  Youthful J1
I quite like how this one turned out after a little bit of rejigging. Originally some of the instruments clashed in horrible ways, but I fixed it up, and it's quite a nice result.

  Youthful K1
Another track that was brought back from the brink of death, with just a few little nips and tucks, here and there.

  Youthful K2
This one possibly has potential, but there's way too much "grittiness" to that high instrument!

  Youthful K3
If you have an icy cavern in your game, this might be good in the background. But then it gets REALLY icy and eventually freezes up.

  Youthful K4
This is one of those times when I started making a choon, and my head started to sing "You can always go....... Downtown..", so I scrapped it!

  Youthful K5
A nice medieval sort of flutey choon. It doesn't go anywhere, and stops. Perhaps the piper took an arrow to the knee?

  Youthful K6
A nice little rhythm, but it unfortunately doesn't really go anywhere, either.

  Youthful K7
A bit of glitch-vocals, and then AARGH, what is that high pitched instrument!? STOP!!!!!

(Gosh, that week's track took a fair number of goes, didn't it!?!)

  Youthful N1
This could probably be something interesting if it carried on a little bit longer.

  Youthful N2
Bouncy Bass Boops. Followed by OMG more horrible Synth Brass instruments. Followed by an abrupt end when I remember that I hate Synth Brass instruments.

  Youthful N3
Wasn't really sure where to go with this one, so it just stops..

  Youthful O1
This is another one of the ones that I fixed up, tonight, and I think it sounds alright. Except for that really odd crunchy sound when the kick drum clashes with one of the other instruments..

  Youthful O2
The 8-bit adventurer dons his cape, and grabs the sword of delightfulness, before proceeding to the next town in his quest to vanquish the evil Idigidragon...

  Youthful P1
Thumping drums, and a distorted guitar. Nope.. STOP!!

  Youthful Q1
Reggae vibes...! Doesn't really go anywhere, though.
"All you ever need is to be nice and friendly."

  Youthful Q2
This could possibly play as the intro to some kind of game, but it's awfully repetitive..

  Youthful S1
There's that "Pop Flute" instrument again. It's a nice enough little ditty, but it doesn't go anywhere. That happens a lot, by the way..

  Youthful T1
Eeeeuw, no... Nooo!! Eeeuuuw...

  Youthful V1
V for Violin? Thankfully this concept was abandoned early.

  Youthful V2
This Choon uses a wibbly wobbly instrument, but not even that can save it from an early demise.

  Youthful V3
Just when you think the bass and kick are going to drop... It ends. Booo!

  Youthful W1
Here's that bass and kick. They don't work, here, and the instruments sound horribly out of tune.
Total 32 tracks
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