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2023 - Bonus Tracks Music
23rd November 2023
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Updated : 23rd November 2023 : Xenial Upkeeper

A selection of oddities created at random moments which don't fall within the realm of the regular ALBums

  Turbulent Tones
Over on Mastodon, Juan posted a small video of their latest project. They finally got audio working, and created a little clip of a bouncing logo bopping about on the screen.
The blip-blip-blip was a nice tempo, and got my AL senses tingling.

  Pet Rock
  Pet Rock (inst)
A silly song made when playing too much Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

  Xenial Like
This is a longer version of the "Like and Subscribe" ditty for the Xenial ALBum

  Xenial Upkeeper
The original lyrics for Xenial Unison. .. I couldn't be bothered to animate this!!
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