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2024 - Recorded (inst) Music
17th July 2024
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Updated : 17th July 2024 - Recorded Cafe (inst)

An album of choons created using random recordings, taken from obscure places.

Please enjoy this recorded oddness.

  Recorded Ambience (inst)
The iPad was sitting in the garden during a lovely hot summer's day.
Recorded Audio is uncut.

  Recorded Bucketing (inst)
The iPad was sitting in the porch whilst a massive downpour of rain was ongoing.
Recorded Audio is multiple sections.

  Recorded Cafe (inst)
The iPhone was placed on my table in the local cafe. Voices were removed, leaving only the sounds of cups, plates, cutlery, scraping chairs and other random oddities.
These were chopped and reintegrated as a curious backbeat.

Total 3 tracks
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