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Thinky-Brain's Day Off
  23rd September, 2019

.. And that was as far as I got.


Greenie doesn't have a gun, so I think I'll probably switch him out for another character. I might even pop in a troop of characters, like Army of Flags, and have them snooping around.

Alan suggests
I finally got enough basic understanding of Godot engine to port an old lunar lander game. Might give you some ideas.

I actually did think of a Thrust based game, yesterday. My mind rapidly flowed through ideas from "Gravity Power/Force" (A classic 2 player thing on the Amiga) to "Aliens all around, shoot the aliens" to "Thrust (8-bits) through the maze, to rescue the people" and then eventually to "Hang on, that's just Flappadiddle, isn't it..?"

I steered(/thrusted) away from that idea and eventually ended up with the "Greenie in a maze" thing, above.
Alarming how quickly my mind can leap from idea to idea, like that.


My mind isn't leaping anywhere, for this week's Foldapuz.

I keep thinking about the classic board game "Mastermind", but on pen and paper, and without any sort of realtime feedback, that doesn't really work does it!?

I feel like I want to do some kind of match-up, or maze thing.
Nothing's springing to mind.

It's almost as if coding 32 games within 4 weeks might actually be draining to my imagination, somehow!!

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