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6th December 2023
Good grief, yesterday was Choony!


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I finished off this week's ALChoon, and it's a lovely little track, and it's had a number of views already (20! Wowie! That's almost up to GTA6 Trailer levels of views!!)

Over on Mastodon, Craig Grannel claimed that posting Shorts made for more popular videos, so I figured I'd give that a try and see if I instantly become a billionaire.

.. No.. I did not instantly become a billionaire.

On top of that, I also did yesterday's Otakupunk Advent Calendar Choonage, and it ended up rather fun.

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"Stylised Cartoon Derek in the style of Zelda, Wind Waker, cel shaded, The King of Red Lions, land, sea, ocean" by #DiffusionBee
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