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14th June 2019  
@RSKGames suggests..
Can you consider making a version of the new AGAW JS mega compilation into an electron app so that you can retain the online scoreboard. In a electron app I think you can restrict users getting into the dev console.
I'll have a look into it.

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14th June 2019  
I finally got music and sound effects working nicely together in the "not the shoebox" Javascript engine, and it all works nicely on my iPad, too!
Great stuff!!
Next Challenge.. Input!

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Browsercade , Bc , Mods
16th June 2019  
Shoebox doesn't scale in a normal way.

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17th June 2019  
After a couple of days of back&forth, I've finally decided "meh, whatever!" and opted to go for a Coverflow-RipOff style menu.
It actually looks rather nice, and scrolls quite well, except on touchscreens where the thing's a teensy bit dodgy due to co-ordinate issues.
But otherwise it works nicely. (Although it isn't "quite" centring properly!)
Scroll around, select a game, sorted..
Currently all "games" lead to the exact same test engine, but eventually this will (...
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18th June 2019  
.. Have I said how much I hate doing menus?!

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22nd June 2019  
Today I need to rewrite a ton of my input code, to work properly with redefined keys/gamepads, and then add a screen to let you do that.
.. More bloomin' menus.

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24th June 2019  
Yeah, I knew that wasn't going to be easy...

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25th June 2019  
Have spent today working on more menu gubbins, and default "Quit", "Retry" buttons and things. The basic pause screen is looking terribly familiar!

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3rd July 2019  
Looks much better!!
I'm now struggling with pausing the music when you alt+tab, or otherwise multitask away from the browser.
I seem to have got it working on iPad Safari (which is alarmingly unusual!) and Firefox, but not in Chrome or Edge.
The Pause screen's coming up, but the pause command doesn't appear to be triggering the pause event in the mod player.
Bit odd, but I think I've probably confounded my own code a bit, so will be double checking everything to be su...
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7th July 2019  
I *think* I'm almost ready to start coding my first Browsercade game.

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8th July 2019  
I was almost certain I was near the end of the Browsercade Framework, but .. Nope.. There are still things to do!

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8th July 2019  
Step one, design (and/or copy+paste from previous editions!) a logo and icon for the game.
Step two, start writing game.
Step three, realise I'm a long way from being ready to start writing the game!!

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9th July 2019  
I think, today, I'm going to focus on getting the final Framework touches of Browsercade done.
Step One will be working out how plausible buffer-drawing is, whilst in a html canvas.

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11th July 2019  
It's the little things..
Like how the game isn't saving highscores, and the onscreen scores aren't quite readable enough, and the music doesn't end during the game-over screen, and ..
The little things..
Still haven't actually coded the game, yet, either! This is all Framework stuff.
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12th July 2019  
I honestly can't fathom why Firefox's cache isn't doing what it's supposed to.

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12th July 2019  
Started to make some progress with Touchscreen Controls, for Browsercade, today.
The hard part was getting this button to work..

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15th July 2019  
Crikey, I wasn't expecting this to be as hard as it is!
Reminder to developers : Just because it works with a mouse on your PC, doesn't mean it'll work well with a giant iPad screen or tiny iPhone screen, directly in your hands!
I think the rest of today will probably be about shuffling the buttons on the screen, to try to find something that feels just right..
Also, I might try making an analogue thing, instead of a dpad.
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15th July 2019  
I'm fairly content with how the touch controls seem to be working, now, and they're apparently functional on both iPad Wide and iPhone Tall displays.
The DPad can be a teensy bit large on iPad Tall, though, so I might yet still make an optional thumbstick mode instead.
Simple testing has been done on the menus, but "real world" testing won't be happening until there's a "real world" game to test it with.
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21st July 2019  
In order to properly test my onscreen touch controls, I'm going to need some kind of quick playable game, so that's going to be today's task.
Something short and simple, but complex enough to really put the controls to the test.

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22nd July 2019  
The gradient background in the above screenshot has been drawn to a secondary canvas, which is then redrawn onto the main canvas.
This seems to work reasonably well, and should hopefully allow for a fair number of generated backgrounds and other such effects, without requiring huge 1024x1024 background images to be downloaded.
The whole thing runs a little slowly on my Samsung Galaxy 10 A, however, so I'm going to have to add an option to disable the buffer when necessary.
But otherwis...
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23rd July 2019  
1. People seem utterly baffled by the start-screen of Browsercade.
I put that there, because a lot of browsers need a single click before they initiate any audio, but seemingly people are instead "waiting" for it, and think the thing's broken.

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23rd July 2019  

Alan suggests

Looks pretty good. I did spot a slight half-pixel seam where the background wraps around. I like the parallax effect, though.
I've cheat-fixed that for the meantime, by simply wrapping the buffer a single pixel closer to itself, but it might look more glitchy once I start doing different types of backgrounds.
I need to add a "sprite to buffer" function, to check that, though.
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24th July 2019  
I've had to add a limit to how many hexes I'm drawing on the Petit-Switch screen at once!!

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27th July 2019  
I should probably try to finish off Blockman in the Browsercade, today, but I'm slightly worried that there's a teensy bit of slowdown in the engine, so I think today's plan should probably be to track that down.

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27th July 2019  
Spent an hour or two testing various enhancements to the FPS stuff, and I think I managed to find a nice middleground that seems to run fairly well.

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28th July 2019  
A few more tweaks, and Browsercade Game #001 should be more or less ready to go.

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28th July 2019  
I'm currently about 98.36% happy with Blockman, but one little niggling issue is happening on iOS.
For some reason, it's occasionally slowing down to about 25fps, instead of sticking at 30.
I'm fairly sure this is to do with my dodgy framerate code, again, so will be holding off a final post until tomorrow.
For now, though, if you'd like to give Blockman a whirl, head on over to Browsercade.com and .. Play the Game!!!
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