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17th February 2020  
A simple game of hopping and throwing, as originally suggested by PixelProspector all those many many years ago, back in November 2009!
You can Play NeonPlat in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Browsercade , Release
15th February 2020  
Spent most of yesterday trying to figure out how best to get a glow effect in a Browsercade edition of NeonPlat.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
9th February 2020  
Help Platdude harvest all the fruit, and use his trusty bouncy-ball to keep the bats at bay.
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Platdude , Mr Do , A Bit Of A Do
9th February 2020  
Platdude's tending to a field of fruit. There's no trees about, so um.. *shrugs*
Anyway, gather the fruit and watch out for the bats in this fairly generic Mr Do clone.
You can Play Cosmic Gardener here, in your Browser, on Desktop, ...
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Browsercade , Release
9th February 2020  
Guess who still hasn't done the "Extra" feature, yet!
If I'm honest, I might go without it. It's very very very very clone'y, right now, and the Browsercade's not supposed to be that. .. Is it?!

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Daily Blog , Browsercade , Sdcom
31st January 2020  
Spent yesterday getting Platdude to do some fruit harvesting from his garden.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
25th January 2020  
OK, I *think* I've got the controller code whittled down to a decent set of functions.
Part One is simply the One Player setup.
If you're feeling somewhat bored, open up Browsercade and give it a try.

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Browsercade , Controller
22nd January 2020  
Michael Fernie suggested that when he plugs a gamepad into Browsercade, it no longer works properly.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
20th January 2020  
Guide our hero through the maze, with only a flaming torch for protection.
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Maze , Dungeon
20th January 2020  
Suggested by Michael Fernie (feel free to make suggestions!) this week's game sees our unnamed hero searching for the key to the dungeon door.
Carrying only a flaming torch, can you defeat the enemies and reach the exit?
You can Play Take ...
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Browsercade , Release
19th January 2020  
Most of yesterday was spent in Family Mode, with not a terrible amount of coding going on.
I did at least manage to add a single enemy type to the maze game, and usual key/door mechanic is working well enough.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
18th January 2020  
Spent most of yesterday trying to make this effect look half-decent.

Kinda works, I guess..
The flickering of the torch helps disguise the terrible way I did the light effect. It's not 100%.. It's more like 60%!!
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Daily Blog , Browsercade
6th January 2020  
Guide Jack around the maze, whilst dodging the evil ghosties.
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6th January 2020  
Guide Jack through the maze trying to light up all the squares, but watch out for the evil ghosties!
The game was originally intended to be a Q*Bert clone, but with a less diagonal approach. People REALLY dislike the diagonal controls of Q*Bert!
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Browsercade , Release
5th January 2020  
I didn't want to make a "Proper" QBert clone because people really seem to hate the diagonal controls of QBert, so have instead made it flatter and squarer.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
4th December 2019  
Guide the balloon to inexplicably pick up fruit that's inexplicably falling through the clouds whilst inexplicable teddy bears inexplicably throw spikes at the balloon.
I don't know why this is happening!!
You can Play Only One Balloon...
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Browsercade , Release
4th December 2019  
Guide the balloon towards the fruit, but watch out for the evil teddy bears!
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Dodge , Collect
26th November 2019  
Each week, more and more games are piled onto the site, and tons of feedback is submitted from those who can still be bothered playing any of them!!
If you'd like to Play Follow the Path, you can do so in the Browsercade.


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Player Thoughts , Browsercade
26th November 2019  
As the influx of games continues, so do the Player Thoughts.
This week, RSKGames takes a look at the Army of Flags.


Played the game without watching the youtube trailer so it was a pleasant surprise to figure out by ac...
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Player Thoughts , Browsercade
25th November 2019  
A simple dodging game. Follow the path, and Spike Dislike!
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Maze , Spike
25th November 2019  
Two simple rules.
1. Follow the Path.
2. Spike, Dislike!!
You can Play Follow the Path in the Browsercade on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Browsercade , Release
18th November 2019  
The soldiers are prepped and loaded up, to head out and get back their flags.
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War , Troops , Squad , Shoot-em-up , Cannon Fodder
18th November 2019  
Guide the troops through the forest to try to regain all the flags that the enemy troops have seemingly stolen.. .. For some reason!
You can Play Army of Flags in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Browsercade , Release , Cannon Fodder
17th November 2019  
Today I need to figure out how I'm going to do the controls for Army of Flags in the Browsercade.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
10th November 2019  
You're all alone, and you're the only hope.
Destroy all the enemy invaders, before the battle is lost.
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10th November 2019  
Battle against the enemy swarms, as you protect the skies from the invading army.
You can Play Airborne Mercenary in the Browsercade, in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Browsercade , Release
27th October 2019  
Bump the Pumpkins to earn a reward.
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Bump , Avoid
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