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12th July 2019  
I honestly can't fathom why Firefox's cache isn't doing what it's supposed to.

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11th July 2019  
It's the little things..
Like how the game isn't saving highscores, and the onscreen scores aren't quite readable enough, and the music doesn't end during the game-over screen, and ..
The little things..
Still haven't ...
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9th July 2019  
I think, today, I'm going to focus on getting the final Framework touches of Browsercade done.
Step One will be working out how plausible buffer-drawing is, whilst in a html canvas.

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8th July 2019  
Step one, design (and/or copy+paste from previous editions!) a logo and icon for the game.
Step two, start writing game.
Step three, realise I'm a long way from being ready to start writing the game!!

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8th July 2019  
I was almost certain I was near the end of the Browsercade Framework, but .. Nope.. There are still things to do!

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7th July 2019  
I *think* I'm almost ready to start coding my first Browsercade game.

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3rd July 2019  
Looks much better!!
I'm now struggling with pausing the music when you alt+tab, or otherwise multitask away from the browser.
I seem to have got it working on iPad Safari (which is alarmingly unusual!) and Firefox, but not in Chrome or Edge...
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25th June 2019  
Have spent today working on more menu gubbins, and default "Quit", "Retry" buttons and things. The basic pause screen is looking terribly familiar!

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24th June 2019  
Yeah, I knew that wasn't going to be easy...

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22nd June 2019  
Today I need to rewrite a ton of my input code, to work properly with redefined keys/gamepads, and then add a screen to let you do that.
.. More bloomin' menus.

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18th June 2019  
.. Have I said how much I hate doing menus?!

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17th June 2019  
After a couple of days of back&forth, I've finally decided "meh, whatever!" and opted to go for a Coverflow-RipOff style menu.
It actually looks rather nice, and scrolls quite well, except on touchscreens where the thing's a teensy bit d...
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16th June 2019  
Shoebox doesn't scale in a normal way.

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14th June 2019  
I finally got music and sound effects working nicely together in the "not the shoebox" Javascript engine, and it all works nicely on my iPad, too!
Great stuff!!
Next Challenge.. Input!

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14th June 2019  
@RSKGames suggests..
Can you consider making a version of the new AGAW JS mega compilation into an electron app so that you can retain the online scoreboard. In a electron app I think you can restrict users getting into the dev console.
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