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18th June 2019  
.. Have I said how much I hate doing menus?!

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17th June 2019  
After a couple of days of back&forth, I've finally decided "meh, whatever!" and opted to go for a Coverflow-RipOff style menu.
It actually looks rather nice, and scrolls quite well, except on touchscreens where the thing's a teensy bit dodgy due to co-ordinate issues.
But otherwise it works nicely. (Although it isn't "quite" centring properly!)
Scroll around, select a game, sorted..
Currently all "games" lead to the exact same test engine, but eventually this will (...
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16th June 2019  
Shoebox doesn't scale in a normal way.

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14th June 2019  
I finally got music and sound effects working nicely together in the "not the shoebox" Javascript engine, and it all works nicely on my iPad, too!
Great stuff!!
Next Challenge.. Input!

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14th June 2019  
@RSKGames suggests..
Can you consider making a version of the new AGAW JS mega compilation into an electron app so that you can retain the online scoreboard. In a electron app I think you can restrict users getting into the dev console.
I'll have a look into it.

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167 results 0 1 2 3 4 5 (6)
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