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6th August 2019
Try to find a word, or multiple words, which fit inside the provided space.
You can Play a sheet of Triplet here or alternatively Play the game in your browser/mobile/tablet here

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Foldapuz , Words
30th July 2019
Find a path from the top to the bottom of the maze, which moves from spot to spot using the order of the symbols shown at the bottom.
You can Play Maze Club here, but don't talk about Maze Club.

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Foldapuz , Logic , Release
29th July 2019
After tweeting this morning's daily Foldapuz default sheet to Twitter, I lay in bed wondering what Foldapuz game to make, next..
I started to drift off to sleep with the idea of a simple word game.
But then .. a Twitter notification..

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Daily Blog , Foldapuz
22nd July 2019
This week's game sees you trying to place the cards in such a manner that all rows and columns add up to 21.
The game should be fairly easy to solve, as long as you remember the card values.
Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10.
Aces can be either 1 or 11.
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Foldapuz , Logic
21st July 2019
As I was drifting off to sleep, my mind was racing for a decent Foldapuz concept for the week.
I thought about cards, and considered a grid of 5x5 cards.

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Foldapuz , Shoebox
15th July 2019
A simple maths game, this week.
The solutions are already there, but what equations make up the solutions?
The nine boxes should be filled with the numbers 1 through 9, such that the results are accurate.
You can Play Cross Sums here, or wait for it to show up in the daily Foldapuz sheets.

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Foldapuz , Maths
8th July 2019
The traditional Word Wheel.
Try to find as many anagrams as you can, ensuring that each word contains the central letter.
There's one complete word in the wheel.
Can you find it?
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Foldapuz Blog
1st July 2019
In this game, each square's value is the distance from Square Zero, counting steps towards the target.
Try your best to triangulate the approximate position of the target square.
You can Play Far Away here, or simply wait for it to show up in amongst the daily Foldapuz selection.

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Foldapuz Blog
24th June 2019
A simple little word puzzle, today. Add letters from the top to bottom, or remove letters from the bottom to top, to make words which fill up the pyramid.
You can either choose to jumble the letters in each word or not, but the original solution is designed without any jumbles.
You can Play Word Pyramid here as part of the daily Foldapuz printable puzzle sheet.
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Foldapuz Blog
17th June 2019
A simple, (but somewhat eye-popping) logic puzzle, this week.
A few of the dominos haven't been filled in!
Using the combination of the row/column totals (at the end of each row) along with the fact that you shouldn't be duplicating any dominos, try to fill in the missing blanks.
But.. Beware..
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Foldapuz , Logic
Rikudo Blog
10th June 2019
Starting from Hex-Tile 1, place the numbers in a route from 1 to 24 in order, moving 1 tile along, each time.
You can play Play Rikudo here or they'll show up in standard Foldapuz

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Foldapuz , Logic
4th June 2019
A simple, but effective little Anagram game.
Four 7 letter words are laid out, along with 4 extra tiles at the bottom.
Add one letter to each of the "racks", shuffle the letters, and try to make four 8 letter words.
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Foldapuz Blog
31st March 2019
Much like I did to Shoebox, last night, I've spent a couple of hours trekking through the various blog posts here, and automated them to create a single History page for Foldapuz.
Foldapuz Highlights.
For those interested in the inner workings, all posts have a simple [highlight]Highlight Tag[/highlight] at the start of the post, which holds a small snippet that gets transferred to the History page.
The history page grabs snippets from any page that includes the word Foldapuz within it...
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Foldapuz Blog
24th March 2019
Honestly, I might rest a bit, today. It is Sunday, after all.

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7th March 2019
I've finally gotten around to adding a new maths puzzle to the site, today.
Number Chain sees you filling in the operators so that the value at the top becomes the value at the bottom.
Incidentally, It's been almost an entire month since I last added to Foldapuz!
Must try harder..
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Foldapuz Blog
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