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12th August 2022  
Our intrepid hero has discovered a giant set of planets and ominous stars among them.
Fly to grab the stars, but try not to crash along the way.
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Space , Dodge , Rocket , Collect
12th August 2022  
Our intrepid adventurer has stumbled upon a system full of stars.
Fly through the cosmos and pick up the stars before time's up.
You can Play this game in your browser, where it's been written in BASIC!

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Jse , Release
27th July 2022  
Shoot your way through the onslaught of evil bees, as you fly over the clouds and wave to the rainbows.
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27th July 2022  
Blast away as many of the bees as you can.
You can Play Cloudy Bees in JSE, where you can also see and tweak the code, right in the browser.

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Jse , Release
10th July 2022  
Help Greenie get from A to B, then C, and sometimes D, as he tries to find his precious processor, deep inside the dungeon.
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Maze , Puzzle
10th July 2022  
Guide Greenie through the dungeon, in search of his precious processor.
Can you get from A to B?
You can Play Greenie's Dungeon Puzzle in GotoJSE. Tap the run button on the top left to play.

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Jse , Release
5th June 2022  
Got bombarded by requests for JSE yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Jse
4th June 2022  
Though I do still need to tweak a couple of elements, the new Collision methodology in JSE is now available to use.

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Daily Blog , Jse
3rd June 2022  
A lot of rewriting of the rewriting of the collision detection in JSE, yesterday!

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Daily Blog , Jse
31st May 2022  
The JSE Collision stuff is an absolute mess, right now!

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Daily Blog , Jse
30th May 2022  
An error with JSE Collision Detection? Surely not!?!

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Daily Blog , Jse
17th May 2022  
The majority of the new GUI Layout is now available at GotoJSE.com

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Daily Blog , Jse
16th May 2022  
Pakz has continued to gripe about JSE's horrific GUI layout on iPhone.

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Daily Blog , Jse
14th May 2022  
Pakz emailed me last night to tell me of a Bug he'd found in JSE.

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Daily Blog , Jse
12th May 2022  
The GameJolt and itch.io tests are a success. A game coded in JSE "can" be uploaded to those..
So now to figure out how to export a project..

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Daily Blog , Jse
11th May 2022  
I've bundled up Platdude's Minecart Challenge as a JSE Player game, and uploaded it to itch.io and GameJolt

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11th May 2022  
With a little more tweaking, the JSE Player is now up and running.

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Daily Blog , Jse
10th May 2022  
Sidetracked, or just avoiding having to make the same game again?
You decide!

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Daily Blog , Jse
16th April 2022  
Hoppity the Rabbit has found a stash of wonderfully decorated easter eggs.
Gather them all up, in order, before time runs out.
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Rabbit , Easter , Eggs
16th April 2022  
Grab the eggs in the order shown on the top left.
What could be easier!?
You can Play this game in the JSE engine.

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Jse , Release , Easter
21st March 2022  
The world is getting smaller, but Blockman's no less hungry. Wrap around the maze and gobble up what you can, before the evil ghosties attack.
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Blockman , Ghosts , Maze
21st March 2022  
Guide Blockman through the treacherous maze, avoiding all the evil ghosties.
You can Play this game over at JSE, where you can see all of it's terrible coding, and maybe tweak it into something else!

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Jse , Release
15th January 2022  
It's vaguely better..

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Daily Blog , Jmtrackr , Jse
11th January 2022  
A nice new addition to JSE (I think?) is the idea of Templates.

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Daily Blog , Jse
7th January 2022  
Fixed the #Const bug!

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Daily Blog , Jse
6th January 2022  
As the new year starts, it seems that a few members at SoCoder are starting to pick up JSE for the purpose intended. That of "It's a simple quick language to help convey thoughts and ideas."

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Daily Blog , Jse
25th December 2021  
The pink fairies have stolen all the festive stars. Use your balls to get them back.
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Platdude , Neon , Retro
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