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Goto JSE
Goto JSE
Go Directly to JSE
Do not pass Go
Do not collect £200
14th January 2023
Charlie Hungry.
Nom Nom Nom
You can Play this game in GotoJSE, in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Jse , Release
1st January 2023
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Shoot-em-up , Microbes , Glow
1st January 2023
And we're off.
AGameAWeek 2023 starts here, with another revisit to the petri-dish of destruction!
You can Play this game in GotoJSE!

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Jse , Release
13th December 2022
Emoji have been somewhat slightly added to JSE.

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Daily Blog , Jse
29th October 2022
The demon overlord has contracted you to reconnect all of his computer equipment.
Hop to it.
You can Play this game in GotoJSE BASIC, in your browser.

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Jse , Release
9th October 2022
Use your marbles to protect the chain from the incoming ants.
You can Play this game in your browser at GotoJSE.com

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Jse , Release
22nd September 2022
The Dungeon Pincer has been locked in the dungeon. Help it find the keys it needs to escape!
You can Play this game in JSE.

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Jse , Release
6th September 2022
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Ghosts , Catching
6th September 2022
Zap all the ghosts away before you run out of time.
You can Play this game over at GotoJSE, where you can also see it's hastily put together code!

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Jse , Release
5th September 2022
Deciding to take the Sunday off, I opened up my archive of old Amstrad Computer User magazines and started flicking through, taking a crazy nostalgia trip into the unknown.

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Daily Blog , Jse
26th August 2022
Blast away the missiles as they try to blow up your home.
You can Play JSE Missiles in GotoJSE, the BASIC for your browser!

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Jse , Release
12th August 2022
Our intrepid adventurer has stumbled upon a system full of stars.
Fly through the cosmos and pick up the stars before time's up.
You can Play this game in your browser, where it's been written in BASIC!

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Jse , Release
27th July 2022
Blast away as many of the bees as you can.
You can Play Cloudy Bees in JSE, where you can also see and tweak the code, right in the browser.

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Jse , Release
10th July 2022
Guide Greenie through the dungeon, in search of his precious processor.
Can you get from A to B?
You can Play Greenie's Dungeon Puzzle in GotoJSE. Tap the run button on the top left to play.

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Jse , Release
5th June 2022
Got bombarded by requests for JSE yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Jse
4th June 2022
Though I do still need to tweak a couple of elements, the new Collision methodology in JSE is now available to use.

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Daily Blog , Jse
3rd June 2022
A lot of rewriting of the rewriting of the collision detection in JSE, yesterday!

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Daily Blog , Jse
31st May 2022
The JSE Collision stuff is an absolute mess, right now!

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Daily Blog , Jse
30th May 2022
An error with JSE Collision Detection? Surely not!?!

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Daily Blog , Jse
17th May 2022
The majority of the new GUI Layout is now available at GotoJSE.com

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Daily Blog , Jse
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