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26th January 2021
Connect two words together to make a longer word.
There are 5 words to form.
You can Play Jigwords in the Shoebox, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet

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Shoebox , Words
15th January 2021
A stolen idea from a TV show!
Using Mastermind style rules, try to work out which word has been placed onto the board.
You can play this game in the Shoebox, here.

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Shoebox , Release , Words
12th October 2020
Try to score as much as you can, by hitting your balls closer to the target.
A fun mix of Pool and Bowls, for up to four players.
You can Play All Cued Up in the Shoebox, on desktop, mobile or tablet.

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Shoebox , Release
10th October 2020
Today's Tasks..

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
9th October 2020
Trying to figure out the best control method, I decided to make the cue "Drag back", instead of "Drag forward".

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Next..! Blog
9th October 2020
OK, time to rewrite "All Cued Up" for the Shoebox.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
7th September 2020
Place all the cogs into the main box, and line them up so they're all rotating.
You can Play the game in the Shoebox, in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Shoebox , Puzzle
5th September 2020
Today I should probably spend some time drawing some more SoCoder emojis. (Is emoji plural?)

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Daily Blog , Socoder , Shoebox
11th August 2020
Apple fixed the audio bug in Shoebox. And it wasn't even their fault..!!

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Shoebox , Browsercade
Nope... Blog
26th July 2020
Not happening.. .. yet..

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29th June 2020
Two similar solitaire games, in which you move cards of higher or lower value onto the Foundation pile, in order to clear out the deal pile.
Uintah features four foundation piles, whilst Wasatch only contains one.
Game Concept - Gordon Bower
You can Play Uintah and Wasatch in the Shoebox.

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Shoebox , Release
28th June 2020
I say zero.. It's not zero.
More like 2% .. maybe 3..

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
26th June 2020
I've been wrangling the "Football as a board game" concept for most of the day, but "fairness" is putting me off.

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Abandoned , Shoebox
Switch Game
8th June 2020
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Words , Puzzle , Anagrams
8th June 2020
Switch out the highlighted letter for another, and try to make new words. Be sure you don't duplicate any words along the way.

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Shoebox , Words
Poke 5,n Game
11th May 2020
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11th May 2020
Use the five provided poke-types, and poke at five of the tiles, in order to match the given target grid.
Easy mode is more of a tutorial, Normal mixes things up, and then Hard really ramps things up.
You can Play Poke 5,n in the Shoebox, in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Shoebox , Release , Puzzle
Klik Linx Game
26th April 2020
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Strategy , Match
26th April 2020
Click the pieces into place, and fill up the grid.
Each symbol you match will earn you more points.
Try to beat AL.
You can Play Klik Linx in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Shoebox , Release
12th April 2020
Score points based on five hands of poker, and try to score the highest that you can.
You can Play Poker Points in the Shoebox, in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Shoebox , Cards
Gambling Blog
11th April 2020
As much as I love making gambling games (after all, my IRL name is actually James Gamble) I've tried to steer away from them for the past decade or so.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
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