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12th January 2020  
Push the buttons to reduce the numbers, until only 0's remain.
Each number symbolises how many of the squares on that row/column need to be lit up.
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Puzzle , Quantum Leap , Ziggy
12th January 2020  
Light up five of the handlink's buttons so that all the surrounding values become zeroes.
Each value states how many squares in its row/column should be lit up, and will change along with your pushes, so a bit of analysis should allow you to solve the puzzle well enough.
You can Play Handlink in the Shoebox, under the Misc Games section.

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Shoebox , Release
11th January 2020  
Having some right issues with the cache, today.

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Shoebox , Cache
10th January 2020  
The Shoebox is now using the "Server Worker" method of caching, instead of the older AppCache style.
With any luck, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference, and everything will continue to work swimmingly.
I'm not sure what the exact rule for cache-update-checks is, especially if you're playing with an "Add to Home Screen" kind of bookmark, but it appears to be doing a decent job of keeping up to date.
Please do give it a try, and let me know how you get on with the update...
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Shoebox , Cache
10th January 2020  
.. If only that was "Money!" and not "trying to update the cache for Shoebox"

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Daily Blog , Shoebox , Cache
18th December 2019  
Pop the squares on the board one player at a time, until all the squares are popped. The last player to pop a square is the winner.
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Two Player , Strategy
18th December 2019  
Paint the grid one player at a time, painting 9 squares around your chosen point, if they're empty.
The player that paints the last square is the winner.
You can Play Obstruction in the Shoebox, under the One On One games section.

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Shoebox , Release
1st December 2019  
Slide the blocks left or right, so that the colours match up.
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Puzzobomb , Puzznic , Puzznix
1st December 2019  
Move the blocks left and right to match up the colours and make them disappear.
You can Play Vexed in the Shoebox in the Misc section.

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Shoebox , Puzzle
15th November 2019  
Started to make a Shoebox game with a lot of holes in it, last night.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
9th November 2019  
Try your best to put all your bubbles in order, before AL can sort his.
Grab one of the two center bubbles and replace one of your own with it.
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Numbers , Sorting
9th November 2019  
Can you manage to put your bubbles in order, before AL can?
Take it in turns to move one of the two centre bubbles, and swap it with one of the bubbles in your row.
Try to figure out the best method to get all the bubbles into numerical order.
You can Play Sort Bubbles here, in the One on One section of the Shoebox.

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Shoebox , Release
8th November 2019  
Last week, Tobobobo picked out this game as a possible Shoebox addition, and .. I think it's probably something that could work.
I think that'll be this week's Shoebox title. It seems simple enough, but deceptively so. A nice unusual game, fit for the box.
If you've any games you'd like to see me tackle, be it Foldapuz, Shoebox or Browsercade, feel free to suggest it, and I'll see if I can work it into play.
.. Unless it spirals into complex depths that become un...
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Daily Blog , Shoebox
2nd November 2019  
Build a bridge, westwards, over the river.
Using standard Crossword Game rules, connect vertical words from one side of the river to the other.
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Words , Crossword , Scrabble
2nd November 2019  
Build a bridge of words!
Right to left, westwards, using standard "Crossword Game" rules, but staying within vertical rows.
You can Play WestWords in the Shoebox, under Word Games.

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Shoebox , Words
26th October 2019  
Match adjacent cards (both by value or suit) to create Jimps, racking up combo scores by finding multiple Jimps.
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Card , Puzzle
26th October 2019  
Place all 40 cards (Ace to 10, all four suits) within the grid.
Create "Jimps", matches between adjacent cards, to score points. Multiple Jimps score bonus points, and you can rack up combos by placing more multiples after each other.
You can Play Jimper in the Shoebox, under Misc.
I was tempted to add it to the Card Games section, but felt it was more Puzzle than Card, so it went into the Misc like Cardagain is..
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Shoebox , Release
19th October 2019  
Move all the cards onto the four foundation piles.
Cards can be placed atop one-higher cards, as long as they aren't of the same suit. (9 of Diamonds can be placed onto 10 of Hearts, Clubs or Spades, but NOT 10 of Diamonds)

The foundations should be built up in the usual manner, from Ace to King in the same suit.
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Cards , Solitaire
19th October 2019  
A simple enough solitaire game.
13 piles are placed onto the table, with any Kings being pushed to the bottom of the pile.
You can shuffle the cards around the table, one at a time, placing a card onto a card one-higher, as long as it is NOT of the same suit.
eg, you can place a Nine of Diamonds on top of a Ten of Hearts, Clubs or Spades, but NOT onto a Ten of Diamonds.
The four foundation piles work as standard, and must be increased from Ace to King in the same su...
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Shoebox , Release
18th October 2019  
Took AGES getting even simple movement working yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
11th October 2019  
Place girders in the grid, and build a tower from the Bottom, Up.
Use dice to define the girder lengths, and complete lines to score points.
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Board Game
11th October 2019  
Build a tower from the bottom, up.
Take turns placing girders, with the length defined by the roll of a dice.
If you complete a level, you earn a point.
The player with the most points, once the tower is complete, is the winner.
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Shoebox , Release
3rd October 2019  
Take the counters home, whilst lighting up the tiles.
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Puzzle , Maze
3rd October 2019  
Guide your counters towards the Goal squares.
Be sure to light up all the squares along the way.
You can Play Homepath in the Misc section of the Shoebox.

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Shoebox , Release
3rd October 2019  
"Homepath" is seemingly working well enough, but today I'd like to try adding a few extra additions into the gameplay, to make the levels a little more complex.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
2nd October 2019  
I couldn't concentrate on the Pool game, today.
I tried my hardest, but my mind was a-wandering..
Instead, then, I ended up making this.

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Shoebox , Puzzle
2nd October 2019  
I really need to knuckle down and get the Pool game a bit more playable.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
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