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28th September 2019  
Gather up the card into the Foundation spaces, in the usual Ace to King manner.
The challenge here is that each of the "table" piles can only hold 3 cards.
Move them around to reach the required cards for the Foundations, by shifting the topmost card onto an allowable space.
Cards can be placed atop another card either one value above or below, of any suit.
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28th September 2019  
Move the cards onto the Foundation piles, from Ace to King.
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21st September 2019  
Roll the dice, bank your winnings, and don't be the greedy pig as rolling a One will lose you everything!
The first to 100 points wins.
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21st September 2019  
A simple dice rolling challenge.
Roll the dice, and then decide if you want to roll again, totting up the scores into the Kitty as you go.
If at any moment you wish to "Bank" what you've earned, play will move to the next player
If you roll a One, you lose everything in the kitty.
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18th September 2019  
Idigidragon's getting a remake on Switch, this week.

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14th September 2019  
In reply to my earlier thoughts on "blurred" backgrounds, Alan suggests..
Probably requires opengl wizardry. I need to study up on this a bit myself.
And he's probably right..

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14th September 2019  
The game is still on schedule.
... Just not the same schedule it was on, yesterday!

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13th September 2019  
Create words with the free letters at the bottom of the pyramid, and try to make your way, all the way up to the top.
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13th September 2019  
Find words using any available letter, and work your way up the pyramid until all the letters are gone.
You can Play Word Pyramid in the Shoebox, under the Word Games section.

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Shoebox , Release
13th September 2019  
I took most of the day off, yesterday.
Writing 4 games a week is harder than it sounds!!!

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7th September 2019  
A strategic game of destruction!
Move your piece to any adjacent tile.
Next, REMOVE one of the tiles surrounding your opponent's piece.
Players take it in turns until either player is stuck in a position where they can no longer move.
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Shoebox , One On One
7th September 2019  
Remove the floor to defeat your opponent.
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Shoebox , Board Game
2nd September 2019  
I really really doubt this is going to be playable by Saturday!
There's a lot that isn't working, right now.. Basically, it can draw it, but it sure as hell can't play it!!

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2nd September 2019  
Today I did something that might very well break the Shoebox.
I've changed from having individual .js files for each game, to having a combined comb.js file that holds all of the games.
Hopefully, if your game breaks, a simple refresh of the page should reload the cache, and bump everything back to the way that it should be.
If it gets completely stuck, let me know, as well as what device/browser you're using, and I'll do my best to fix it.
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31st August 2019  
Match up cards that add up to 13, in order to clear the pyramid.
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Cards , Solitaire
31st August 2019  
A classic solitaire, this week.
Combine cards which add up to 13, in order to remove them from the pyramid.
Can you clear the pyramid?!
You can Play Pyramid Solitaire in the Shoebox, in the Card Games section.

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Shoebox , Release
24th August 2019  
Try to find the longest word that you can, which contains the three letters in the correct order.
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Shoebox , Words
24th August 2019  
You can Play Triplets in the Shoebox, under Word Games.

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20th August 2019  
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17th August 2019  
A traditional two player card game.
Remove all the cards from your Pay Off pile in order to win the game.
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Shoebox , Cards
17th August 2019  
What a happy title for a card game!!
Fairly complex rules ahead, but it's actually really simple once you get the hang of it.
Your aim in this game is to remove all "Pay off" cards from your side of the table. (They're the cards on the bottom left)
To do so, move cards onto the Center Piles (the three in the middle), starting from Ace and moving up to Queen. These can be of any suit, and if you place a King, it acts as a wildcard, becoming the next number in the sequence.
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Shoebox , Cards , Release
17th August 2019  
As with last week's Shoebox game, I actually uploaded it about mid-day, yesterday, but haven't yet officially posted about it.
If you're the nosey sort, keep an eye on Shoebox on a Friday, and you might catch a glimpse of the next game, before it's properly finished.
I first wanted to double check everything, and that's best done on the iPad, whilst sat riding my little foot-pedal-doohickey.
Top Tip : Get in shape by forcing yourself to exercise whilst you're doin...
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14th August 2019  
Crikey, this is a bit messy!

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12th August 2019  
RSKGames returns with his thoughts on recent games.
You can Play Shoebox of Games here, which are all Mouse/Touch controlled games, which run 100% in the browser.
Or you can Play Browsercade here, which are all Keyboard/Gamepad controlled games, for a more Arcade-like experience, but which also run in your browser.


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Player Thoughts , Shoebox , Browsercade
10th August 2019  
Shoot for the hole, in this teensy tiny minigolf game.
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Shoebox , Golf , Minigolf
10th August 2019  
A nice and gentle game of MiniGolf. Putt your way around, and aim for the hole.
Bonus points can be gained, but watch out for the water!
You can Play MiniGolf in the Misc area of the Shoebox.

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Shoebox , Golf , Minigolf
10th August 2019  
If you refreshed Shoebox, yesterday, you'll have been able to play MiniGolf, but I didn't officially release it.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
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