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22nd June 2019  
As the collection grows ever onwards, people send feedback for the various oddities that I create.
You can Play Tower Solitaire in the Shoebox, under the Card Games.

@RSKGames says..

For regular Solitaire players this version mi...
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Shoebox , Player Thoughts
21st June 2019  
A new Solitaire card game, today. The aim is to try to reach the top of the tower by matching cards.
You can Play Tower Solitaire in the card games of Shoebox.

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Shoebox , Release
21st June 2019  
Try to build up the pyramid by placing cards which match both of the cards below, by suit or value.

You can swap free cards on the same level, or replace them entirely with dealt cards of the same suit or value, but only if the card has no card above it.

You win if you can reach the very top.
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Shoebox , Cards
20th June 2019  
I woke up with a Solitaire game in my head.. As you do!
Figured I'd code it, and see how it turned out, and .. Yeah, it's quite playable!
Currently near-impossible, but I think having a "Swap Pile" should help that quite a bit.
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Shoebox , Concept
16th June 2019  
After each release, or thereabouts because it's getting hard for even me to keep up, we get a little bit of feedback for the games.
If you'd like to join in, you can either use the Comments section, Email me, or send a Tweet.
You can Pl...
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Player Thoughts , Shoebox
15th June 2019  
Try to conquer the entire board with just your own colour, by overflowing and detonating your atoms.
Each square can hold a single atom in the corners, two on the sides, or three in the middle.
If a square overfills, it explodes into adjacent squares, filling them with your own colour.
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Shoebox , Group
15th June 2019  
The classic explosive game of popping atoms is finally in the Shoebox!
You can Find Atoms in the Group Games section.

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Shoebox , Release
13th June 2019  
I was flicking through my Shoebox Todo-List, today, and stumbled upon Atoms.
I haven't attempted Atoms for a while, mostly because it requires me to draw all those Atoms!!

But, today I drew them, and the engine seems fairly capable.<...
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7th June 2019  
It's nothing too tricky, and you won't struggle to play it.
The simple classic game of Hangman.
Tap the letters, fill in the blanks, and try to guess the words or phrase.
You can Play Hangman in the Shoebox where you'll find ...
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Shoebox , Release
7th June 2019  
Try to guess the word or phrase, one letter at a time, without using up all of your hearts.
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Shoebox , Words
6th June 2019  
Brum Brum?

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Daily Blog , 606 , Hangman , Shoebox
1st June 2019  
1. Finish off Flappadiddle on PetitSwitch
2. Finish off Hangman on Shoebox
3. Consider that combining things into one has gone so well on Shoebox that it might be a good idea to start doing that with my PetitSwitch games.
4. Consider that...
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Daily Blog , Petit Switch , Shoebox
31st May 2019  
We all know what happens if I leave a game for a week..
I find it very hard to get myself back into the swing of things.
I need something a little more immediate to pop into the Shoebox, because.. at this rate.. it'll be mid July before Th...
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29th May 2019  
Don't worry, I didn't completely abandon the Shoebox!!

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Shoebox , The Quest
22nd May 2019  
After a LOT of edit/undo, copy/paste, delete/delete work, I think I've found a style of graphics that works for the furniture of the game.

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Shoebox , The Quest
22nd May 2019  
Today will be about redrawing furniture to suit the slightly new style of The Quest, or rather so all the furniture doesn't look oddly out of place!

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Daily Blog , Shoebox , The Quest
21st May 2019  
2005 was a long long time ago, so the Quest-Qrew have been given a slight makeover.

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Shoebox , The Quest
21st May 2019  
Geeze, these are old!!

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Shoebox , The Quest
21st May 2019  
As I plough ahead without too much of a plan, I'm having to make a lot of quick decisions along the way.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox , The Quest
20th May 2019  
Heavy decade-old Sprite Reuse, ahoy!
Those doors look dumb.. I really need to rethink how I'm going to draw the doors.
However, it doesn't look "awful", and I think that's ok!
I'll probably spend the next few ...
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Shoebox , The Quest
20th May 2019  
And so, the Quest begins.

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Shoebox , The Quest
19th May 2019  
I've added "Laps" to Mancala in the ShoeBox, but ... crikey, is it hard to keep track of!
AL is utterly baffled by this new style of play, so don't expect him to be a great challenge. If I can find a good method of play, I'll work that i...
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Shoebox , Mancala
19th May 2019  
I should really finish off Mancala's "Laps" stuff. I think that's probably going to be today's task.
But after that, what game comes next?

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Daily Blog , Shoebox , Quest
18th May 2019  
A smallish, but needed improvement to ALs Mancala abilities.
Players of v0.9858 should find that ALs a little bit smarter, targeting your possible captures, as well as aiming for his Mancala pot a little better.
It's not "much" of a change,...
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Shoebox , Mancala
18th May 2019  
Crikey, RSKGames has already sent his Player Thoughts..
Guess I'd better hurry up and get those last few tweaks in place..


I have never played this game before so it was fresh and fun for me. After 2 defeats and so...
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Player Thoughts , Mancala , Shoebox
18th May 2019  
The ancient board games of Seeds and Pits.
Move all of the seeds from one of your pits, moving anti-clockwise, and dropping one seed at a time. If you "land" on your large Mancala pit, you earn an extra go.
The winner is the player with the most seeds in their Mancala, once no more moves are possible.
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Shoebox , Vs
18th May 2019  
Mancala is now in the Shoebox!
You can Play Mancala in the "One On One" section of the Shoebox.

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