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21st July 2019  
As I was drifting off to sleep, my mind was racing for a decent Foldapuz concept for the week.
I thought about cards, and considered a grid of 5x5 cards.

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Foldapuz , Shoebox
20th July 2019  
After I release more and more games, player's try desperately to keep up!
Let's see what RSKGames thinks of today's Shoebox addition.
You can Play Grid of Conquest in the Shoebox, under the Group Games section.


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20th July 2019  
Try to claim as much of the board as you can.
You'll earn extra points for claiming the green chequered tiles, and if you roll a six, you can reclaim any opponent's squares.
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Shoebox , Group
20th July 2019  
Try to fill up as much of the board in your colour as you can.
Normally you can't move over opponent's tiles, but if you earn a 6, you're allowed to move wherever you'd like.
There are additional green spots on the board. Reach these for a couple of extra points.

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19th July 2019  
This project was titled "Power Source" when I started it, but the name doesn't fit the end result, so I'm going to have to change it.

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Shoebox , Concept
19th July 2019  
I don't think I'll be getting "Game with balls" up and running within the next day-and-a-half or so, so instead, I'll make something completely different!!
But what game to make?

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16th July 2019  
Yesterday I was playing with Alien sprites.
Today, I've been playing with Balls!
First off, don't get too excited!
This is currently only a simple physics test, and is in no way representative of the end result!
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12th July 2019  
Blackjack, Pontoon, 21. Call it what you will.
The aim is to reach as close as you can to 21, without going over.
Once you're done, AL will have a try, and whoever gets closest is the winner.
The first to reach three wins is declared the overall winner of the game.
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Shoebox , Release
12th July 2019  
Try to score as close to 21 as you can, without going over.
Once you've stuck/bust, AL will take his turn, trying to beat your score.
The closest to 21 wins the round, and the first to three wins is the overall winner.
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Shoebox , Cards
12th July 2019  
I honestly can't fathom why Firefox's cache isn't doing what it's supposed to.

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11th July 2019  
It's the little things..
Like how the game isn't saving highscores, and the onscreen scores aren't quite readable enough, and the music doesn't end during the game-over screen, and ..
The little things..
Still haven't actually coded the game, yet, either! This is all Framework stuff.
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7th July 2019  
As each game is released, players like RSKGames and <insert name here> send oodles of feedback for about the game.
Let's see how they all thought about Dots and Squares!
You can Play Dots and Squares in the Shoebox in the One on One section.


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Shoebox , Player Thoughts
6th July 2019  
Place lines throughout the grid, one at a time, and try to create complete squares to capture the grid places as your own.
The winner is the player with the most claimed squares by the end of the game.
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Shoebox , Vs
6th July 2019  
The good old game that you used to secretly play at the back of the classroom!
You can Play Dots and Squares in the Shoebox, in the One On One area.

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Shoebox , Release
2nd July 2019  
After each week's release, players submit their thoughts on the games.
Let's have a look and see what @RSKGames thought of Space Battle!
You can Play Space Battle in the One-On-One section of the Shoebox.


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Shoebox , Player Thoughts
30th June 2019  
An epic battle begins. Blast away your opponent's spaceships, before they do, yours!
Place your ships in the grid, then try to guess where your opponent's ships are placed.
You can Play Space Battle in the One-On-One section of the Shoebox.

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Shoebox , Release
30th June 2019  
Move your fleet into position, then seek your opponents ships in space but guessing positions around the board.
Try to defeat your enemy's fleet, before they can beat yours.
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Shoebox , Vs
30th June 2019  
There's rain outside. \o/yeay\o/
That means I should be able to code, today!!

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
29th June 2019  
It's gotten a teensy bit cooler, tonight, and I've been able to get some coding done!
The "ingame GUI" for Space Battle isn't looking awful... And that's as good as you're going to get
I might fix up that explosion graphic to make it a bit more "Stand out'y", but otherwise things are definitely a bit more playable.
I've added "double tap" to the controls, like with Atoms. I think that's probably the best bet when d...
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28th June 2019  
I've done an alarming amount of work on this GUI today, and ..
Doesn't look any bloomin' different to how it did, this morning!!

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Shoebox , Space Battle
22nd June 2019  
As per @RSKGames' suggestion, I've added a couple of Swap mechanics to Tower solitaire.
You can swap any free cards in the tower, but only when they're on the same row.
You can also swap the topmost card amongst the dealt piles, too.
There's not a LOT of things you can swap, but hopefully it should be enough to make things a little bit easier in the 5 and 6 tower modes.
You can Play Tower Solitaire in the Card Games section of the Shoebox.
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22nd June 2019  
As the collection grows ever onwards, people send feedback for the various oddities that I create.
You can Play Tower Solitaire in the Shoebox, under the Card Games.

@RSKGames says..

For regular Solitaire players this version might need some time to get used to as the card that is required to build the tower is not one less or one more of the cards in stack but follows a simple rule.
Yeah, it's a slightly different strategy, but it makes things a lot tougher when you en...
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Shoebox , Player Thoughts
21st June 2019  
A new Solitaire card game, today. The aim is to try to reach the top of the tower by matching cards.
You can Play Tower Solitaire in the card games of Shoebox.

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Shoebox , Release
21st June 2019  
Try to build up the pyramid by placing cards which match both of the cards below, by suit or value.

You can swap free cards on the same level, or replace them entirely with dealt cards of the same suit or value, but only if the card has no card above it.

You win if you can reach the very top.
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Shoebox , Cards
20th June 2019  
I woke up with a Solitaire game in my head.. As you do!
Figured I'd code it, and see how it turned out, and .. Yeah, it's quite playable!
Currently near-impossible, but I think having a "Swap Pile" should help that quite a bit.
Basic rules. You can place Same Suit/Value card atop each other in the pyramid. If a card matches the Suit/Value of both of the two adjacent cards, you may place the card in the row above.
(eg, if you have a 2 of hearts in your hand, and the two card...
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Shoebox , Concept
16th June 2019  
After each release, or thereabouts because it's getting hard for even me to keep up, we get a little bit of feedback for the games.
If you'd like to join in, you can either use the Comments section, Email me, or send a Tweet.
You can Play Atoms in the ShoeBox. It's in the "Group Games" section.

@RSKGames says..

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Player Thoughts , Shoebox
15th June 2019  
Try to conquer the entire board with just your own colour, by overflowing and detonating your atoms.
Each square can hold a single atom in the corners, two on the sides, or three in the middle.
If a square overfills, it explodes into adjacent squares, filling them with your own colour.
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Shoebox , Group
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