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22nd May 2019  
Today will be about redrawing furniture to suit the slightly new style of The Quest, or rather so all the furniture doesn't look oddly out of place!

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21st May 2019  
2005 was a long long time ago, so the Quest-Qrew have been given a slight makeover.

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Shoebox , The Quest
21st May 2019  
Geeze, these are old!!

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Shoebox , The Quest
21st May 2019  
As I plough ahead without too much of a plan, I'm having to make a lot of quick decisions along the way.

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20th May 2019  
Heavy decade-old Sprite Reuse, ahoy!
Those doors look dumb.. I really need to rethink how I'm going to draw the doors.
However, it doesn't look "awful", and I think that's ok!
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Shoebox , The Quest
20th May 2019  
And so, the Quest begins.

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Shoebox , The Quest
19th May 2019  
I've added "Laps" to Mancala in the ShoeBox, but ... crikey, is it hard to keep track of!
AL is utterly baffled by this new style of play, so don't expect him to be a great challenge. If I can find a good method of play, I'll work that into AL's brain, but for the minute, he's a bit dumb in this mode.
.. To be fair, so am I, and the Laps mode ends up being a game of Pot Luck!
You can Play Mancala in the Shoebox, in the "One on One" section. The Laps setting is in the ...
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19th May 2019  
I should really finish off Mancala's "Laps" stuff. I think that's probably going to be today's task.
But after that, what game comes next?

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18th May 2019  
A smallish, but needed improvement to ALs Mancala abilities.
Players of v0.9858 should find that ALs a little bit smarter, targeting your possible captures, as well as aiming for his Mancala pot a little better.
It's not "much" of a change, but he is a bit harder.
I've not yet added Laps into the mix!
Maybe tomorrow?
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Shoebox , Mancala
18th May 2019  
Crikey, RSKGames has already sent his Player Thoughts..
Guess I'd better hurry up and get those last few tweaks in place..


I have never played this game before so it was fresh and fun for me. After 2 defeats and some reading of the rules I got the hang of it and was able to beat the AI few times.

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Player Thoughts , Mancala , Shoebox
18th May 2019  
The ancient board games of Seeds and Pits.
Move all of the seeds from one of your pits, moving anti-clockwise, and dropping one seed at a time. If you "land" on your large Mancala pit, you earn an extra go.
The winner is the player with the most seeds in their Mancala, once no more moves are possible.
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18th May 2019  
Mancala is now in the Shoebox!
You can Play Mancala in the "One On One" section of the Shoebox.

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18th May 2019  
Spent a couple of hours, late last night, trying to find the best rules to give AL when playing Mancala.

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17th May 2019  
Mancala's coming along nicely, now. I think!!
All the Landing rules seem to be working, and the game-end stuff is also functional, but AL's still not very good at the game, so a little more work on AL is needed.
But, definitely getting there!

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Shoebox , Mancala
17th May 2019  
The seeds (gems in this case) of Mancala are now managing to complete a full circle!

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16th May 2019  
I might need to do some extra work on the menus.

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15th May 2019  
I asked @CraigGrannell last night if the "swoopy" menus were a bit too much for his motion sickness issues, and he replied that it was..
For me, a bit, yeah.
I thought as much when I added those Tap Swoopy things, but it's good to get a little confirmation.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
14th May 2019  
A simple crossword clone, with a slightly different scoring mechanism.
You can Play Crossword Golf in the Shoebox, next to the standard Crosswords game, in the Word games!

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14th May 2019  
Upon each move of this classic Tile-based word game, a computer opponent will set a "Par" target.
Try to score as close to the target as you can, in order to earn the most points.
Your score will be based on how close to the target you get, rather than the value of your words.
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Shoebox , Words
14th May 2019  

Alan Suggests..

While I'm thinking about it, one nice-to-have feature for Crossword Game would be ''shuffle my rack''.
Sure, ok, why not!

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13th May 2019  
Not really a game, but if I'm going to make this collection, you just know that this has to go in.
You can Find Score My Words in the Shoebox, in the Extras section.

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13th May 2019  
I've sorted out RSKGames' menu scrolling issue.. .. I think.. But obviously will depend on many "browsers aren't exact" issues.
Be sure to let me know if it's ok for you.

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13th May 2019  
Note : Not a Game
This is a tool to aid in the playing of Real World Scrabble. You can use this to add up word values, keep track of scores, and it even has minimal word checking integrated, too.

This tool works great when run on a board-side tablet device. You might also like to use HDMI/AirPlay/ChromeCast to stream the gameplay to your TV, at which point you can then stream it online, if you're that sort of player.
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Shoebox , Words , Tool
13th May 2019  

RSKGames says..

The animation of the icons on transition from main menu to sub menu and back looks cool.
Except the board games sub menu in all other sub menus the first row icons are way over the top such that half the icon is hidden above.
Took me a while to figure out exactly what he meant, as the exact number of onscreen icons relies on all sorts of screen resolution gubbins..
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Daily Blog , Shoebox , Numbers
12th May 2019  
A couple of tweaks to the engine before I move on into other Crossword based things.
1. I've finally got the "Score value bubble" looking a little more like a bubble, and showing up at the end of words instead of seemingly at random!
2. Tap to Play "should" now work, but is still a small threshold of "tap".
I might have to add the threshold into the option screen.. .. If I ever bother to make an option screen!!
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12th May 2019  
There are now tabs along the bottom of the menu, when you're selecting a game, to let you quickly switch between the various sections of the site.

The icons are reused as tabs, and are drawn with their bottoms chopped off, so they look better on the screen, and don't take up a giant chunk from the bottom of the menu.
For the most-part, I've tried to make this part of the code easily tweakable, so that in future I can add extra sections. However, it might get a bit cramped if ...
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11th May 2019  
I've shrunk the overall width of the menu buttons on Shoebox.
For now, this means there's a little more space in the menu, to fit more games onscreen at once.
Maybe later I'll try to add little tabs along the bottom, but .. for now.. SleepyJay is taking over!!
Be sure to let me know what you think of the slightly modified buttons.
Better, Worse or .. Kinda the same, Jay, you wasted hours doing naff all!!
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